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2012 Election: Who Owns Who – Infographic

President Barack Obama raised far more money via direct contributions, but Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign edged ahead via “outside spending” – including Super PACS largely enabled by the Citizens’ United Supreme Court decision which now allows corporations, unions and issue advocacy organizations unlimited campaign spending.

Source: Visual.ly

Obama vs. Romney: Dialing For Dollars And Votes – Infographic

During this year’s U.S. election, candidates channeled the power of apps and text messaging to appeal to voters, promote their party platform and fundraise.

CallerSmart analyzed how much telephones — smartphones, texts and anonymous phone banks — are bringing democracy to a digital environment. As it turns out, President Barack Obama or Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney could thank cellphones for being elected on Nov. 6.

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Obama and Romney developed personalized mobile apps to tap into a more connected constituency. The president’s app was more popular on Androids, while Romney’s was downloaded more on iPhones. What’s more, this year’s presidential election is the first to allow donations via text message.

For more on the use of mobile in the 2012 election, check out the infographic below:

Source: Mashable.com


Obama or Boehner?

It is not only about the payroll tax cut. Politics during the last year took a turn into the ridiculous and demonstrated a lot of inability and loss of reality. Both parties carry their share of the blame and so do their leaders. One is under the impression that “the party” is most important and the subjects are just used to increase the party’s and personal profile.

He should know…

Fair Tax?

President is fighting for the Middle Class

Obama Blames GOP for Deficit Panel Failure

Obama Blames GOP for Deficit Panel Failure – Bloomberg.

There is no problem with Obama blaming the GOP for this. The GOP will turn this thing around and blame the Democrats for it. The fact is, we have guys sitting in D.C. making decisions that are not in our and the country’s interest. This is not acceptable. Everywhere else all these “moonshine barkers” would be out of business for a miserable performance such as this. The “super committee” turns out to be more like another real lame duck.



Obama Puts U.S. Approach to China on New Path – Bloomberg.