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Apple Pays Parents $100M for Kids’ Covert App Buys

In today’s “Bloomberg Big Number,” Betty Liu reports that Apple is returning $100 million to parents whose kids purchased up to $30 of apps without their consent. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Why Parents Hate Social Networking Sites – Infographic

With the internet growing at an exponential pace, the threats associated too is at the same rate. Social media, these days is causing lot of problems with fake identities and pose a serious threat to teenagers who can’t discriminate between malicious and benign profiles.The following infographic establishes with statistics, the problems that parents face to monitor the internet usage of their child. Continue reading

Who Says Chuck E. Cheese Is Only For Kids? – Video

My daughter is a huge fan of Chuck E. Cheese and we go there on a more or less regular basis. Looking around, it is clear that parents are not so much bothered with visiting. Take a look at the video, it is funny.

Kids Want Parental Ratings For Apps – Infographic

Your kids like their privacy, but as a parent, they understand your goal is to protect them. This may come as a surprise, but according to a recent survey, 58% of respondents between ages 13 to 17 said they would like apps to have parental ratings, like the MPAA ratings for movies.

Parents agree — 90% said they’d like apps to have a rating system. Overall, 77% of survey respondents said apps should have ratings.

There are many useful apps, but app developers have created some naughty ones too, like this one that doubles as a sex toy.

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The survey of 1,000 people was conducted by SodaHead.com, an online opinion-based community.

The survey also goes on to explain how much people pay for apps based on their age group. The most popular types of apps are games (31%), followed by social media (27%), news/weather (12%) and music (11%). Overall, 47% of respondents have paid for an app, with 63% of teens ages 13 to 17 paying for an app, compared to only 30% of those 65 and older.

Since smartphones are increasingly ubiquitous among today’s youth, parents have to be more vigilant about monitoring what they’re children are exposed to — whether that’s inappropriate content or online predators. Parents can install tracking apps on their child’s cellphone to monitor what content they look at, but some parents feel this shows your kids you don’t trust them.

Check out this infographic below and tell us, do you think apps should have ratings?

Source: Mashable.com


Cyberbullying: Why You Should Talk To Your Kids – Infographic

There is a lot to do before your kid’s school year gets started. Hopefully, having a talk about cyberbullying will be on your to-do list.

According to a recent study by internet security company McAfee, kids are witnessing and sometimes engaging in cyber bullying. Almost one in four of teens claimed to be a target of cyberbullying and two-thirds of all teens have witnessed cruel behavior online, notes the Teen Internet Behavior study.

But only one in 10 parents are aware that their teens could be targets of cyberbullying.

Today’s schoolyard is Facebook, with slightly more than 92% of teens saying cruel behavior takes place on the site. Kids say bullies also make attacks on Twitter (23.8%), MySpace (17.7%) and Instant Messager (15.2%).

But teens will stand up to bullies online. When witnessing others being attacked, 40% of teens have told the person to stop, 20.7% have told an adult but 6.3% joined in. When being attacked themselves, 65.8% of teens responded to the attacker (with 35% responding in person).

Some of these online confrontations are hashed-out in the real world, where 4.5% of teens have been in a physical fight with an online bully, while about 15% avoided school.

Source: Mashable.com, mcaffee