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Soccer is life: Pep Guardiola decided to join Bayern Munich after a year long break from soccer. What do you think? Did he do the right thing by ditching the Premier League for the German Bundesliga? Let us know your … Continue reading

Pep Guardiola to leave at end of season

Guardiola to leave at end of season – La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN.

This will cause some major speculation in the coming days and weeks. It already started with the possibility, or speculation, that Sir Alex at Manchester United might have his last season. United rival Manchester City and Roberto Mancini as well as Chelsea and Roberto Di Matteo are now up for speculations.

Guardiaola did an outstanding job at Barca and a line of interested clubs will probably form over the next days. Let’s enjoy that spectacle.

It can be done – Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho claim La Liga Title from Barca and Pep Guardiola

Saturday’s clasico between the two soccer heavy weights Real Madrid and Barca once again delivered an outstanding soccer event worth watching. Saturday’s winner: Real Madrid. With a deserved win over their rival from Barcelona, Real has more or less secured the championship in La Liga.  With four games left, Real is seven points ahead of Barca and can only lose the title if Christmas and Easter fall on the same day.

Sami Khedira put Real up, while Alexis goal tied the game for a few minutes until Cristiano Ronaldo took Oezil’s master pass and secured the win for Real.

The much anticipated clash between the giants demonstrated that Barca can be beaten at Camp Nou. While Barca dominated possession, Real, like Chelsea in the middle of the week, controlled the game from a defensive position. With Real shutting down the major supply lines Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, Barca couldn’t develop the grip it takes to break the Real defense.  Dangerous attacking by Real also kept Barca honest when it comes to establishing overwhelming pressure. Very rarely was Barca able to confuse Real’s defense and when it happened the few opportunities were generously wasted.

Jose Mourinho, who is in the firing line of the press for month, should have a good night sleep and sweet dreams for the night. The Portuguese is on the hitlist of the entire soccer press around the world after deciding not to speak to the press anymore. Since soccer knowledge is usually low in the soccer press, but personal revenge need high, the coach had to listen and read all kind of nonsense over the past weeks. Since the midweek loss at Bayern Munich the heat has turned up and the press claimed and reported all kind of stuff from tactical mistakes to personal issues and back. The win against Barca and the win of La Liga should ease the pressure for the Portuguese, at least until the second leg champions league semi final against Bayern Munich.

Real is facing Bayern Munich on Wednesday and Real is under pressure to overcome a 2-1 deficit in order to reach the champions league final. With Saturday’s presentation against Barca, Real should be ready for the Germans.

Barca on the other hand has to overcome a few other obstacles in order to reach the final.  It will be interesting to see how the success spoiled team is dealing with a mini crisis after two consecutive losses in major games. Failing to overcome the 1-0 deficit against Chelsea on Tuesday will leave the Catalan’s with nothing else than the Copa del Rey, or even nothing.  The same result has left Real on the receiving end of healthy laughter from parts of the press last year.

It is very well possible that the dream of a champions league final between Real and Barca will be busted in the coming week. Bayern Munich and Chelsea are travelling to Spain with the determination to defend their lead and will fight with the knife between their teeth. Both have major motivations and issues themselves and are fighting for European participation next season and in Bayern’s case, for participation in the final in their own stadium.  Full Report and Comment Section

Pep Guardiola – Messi and Cristiano are playing in a different league

Pep Guardiola – Penalty wasn’t deciding factor…

Wisdom of Guardiola shines through again


Corrigan: Wisdom of Guardiola shines through again – La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN.

It is awesome to see how a coach can make an impact on a game. There is currently no other that has such a visible impact on a game. Guardiola played the game and he has the ability to put himself on the field and see it from a players view and make decisions accordingly.


El Clasico – Pep Guardiola never lost at the Bernabeu

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona — Clasico Preview

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona — Clasico Preview — Graham Hunter – ESPN.

One of the most anticipated sports events in the world.

Pep Guardiola is a Happy Camper


Today is the Day! How Manchester United can beat Barca.

The soccer world’s attention is focused on London’s Wembley Stadium today. Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United and Pep Guardiola’s “Dream Team” meet for the European crown in the world’s most exciting club sports event.

Experts all over the world explain their wisdom about soccer and who is taking the win in this year’s UEFA Champions League Final. Barca is considered the best soccer team in the world and is the favorite for most. However, Sir Alex is considered an “Old Fox”, even by Barca player’s, and he and his team can not be underestimated. ManU has what it takes in order to beat Barca.

How to beat Barca in a one game competition is the question of the day. Click the link and see how ManU can take this year’s crown.


Arsenal sacked by Barca – Second view!

Arsenal’s loss in Barcelona created a lot of discussion in the soccer world. If you are a gunner or gunner supporter you might feel cheated on. Even as just a soccer fan you might feel the red card for Van Persie was a joke. Well, let’s make that clear: It was a joke! If a player already has a yellow card, then this “offense” should not turn into a second yellow and sent off from such a game. So, as a soccer fan and ex-professional player, this is a joke!

With that said, let’s take a look at a few other reasons why Arsenal has to view the rest of this competition on TV. There were three weeks time to prepare for this game. If you don’t already know, Barca is currently the best team in the soccer world and that not only since yesterday. The way how they play and how it turns out in the most cases is also commonly known. The approaches of their opponents to survive a night at Camp Nou can be viewed on video, can be looked up in newspapers, and if you are a coach in professional soccer, there are many other sources to find out why Barca is winning games. In Arsenal’s case, they made an experience a year ago.  So, there is enough information to get ready.

Arsene Wenger made a choice in Arsenal’s approach to defend a one goal lead. The “solution” for him was, defend with everything you have and when you somehow get the ball, play them out. That choice, in my view, is the reason why they went down. Yes, that event in the 56th minute can be used as the perfect excuse. Afterall, 11 minutes were played in the second half, and it went better up until this point. They even scored. Well, not exactly, Barca fabricated an own goal. Maybe it just looked better for Arsenal, because Barca took the foot of the pedal with the lead, who knows? It is all speculation. Wenger claims, “we would have won the game”. Well, in my eyes, that is speculation as well, or an excuse for own shortcomings.

If I would be coach of a Barca opponent, there are two things, besides others, I would remind my players of:

    • Save yellow cards for cases when you need them, such as a professional foul, or other ways of interrupting the game. Not for grabbing someone’s neck in a brawl or other nonsense.
  • In order to stop Barca’s deadly short pass combination play in our half, get the ball in their half with the first or second touch.


If you look at the first recommendation, that is the reason why Van Persie got his first yellow. Idiotic! The second recommendation would need another forward on the field, Arshavin for example. He can hold a ball in the opponents half, and, much more important, he can, in a one-on-one, beat every defender. And by the way, if Barca has a weakness, it is the defense. Try and play there.

Pep Guardiola made an interesting comment after the game. After everyone tried to get something out of him regarding the referee, he stated: “They lost, because they didn’t have three passes in a row”. With that, he hit the nail on the head, and, it also gives you an insight on Barca’s philosophy about soccer and defense: If you lose the ball in the opponents half, pressure immediately before 3 passes are completed. They are masters in that kind of “defense” and that is the reason why they are able to apply permanent pressure, whenever they want. Arsenal played right into their hands in the first half, with trying to pass the ball in their own half after they won it. Guess why the game was a little better for the gunners in the second half. They had strikers on the field and were seeking a goal. Not that they had a million opportunities, but they had some. What did they have in the first half?

It is very sad to see that a team like Arsenal is trying to defend their life, when they have all tools to beat Barca, but no courage to give it a shot. Wenger’s fault! And that is why he blows up about the referee’s decision. The coach lost the game, before it started.