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Social Media: Important Stats And Facts – Infographic

social-media-2013Social media became important to all of us over the past few years. It refined the way we communicate, how businesses market their products and services, how we receive our daily doses of information and it created hundreds and thousands of new other ways we do things.

This infographic shows why social media and its platforms is so important. Have a look at the stats and facts.

Source: Mantas Malukas

Social Media Marketing: Best And Worst Times To Post On Social Platforms – Infographic


Everyone is looking for better results with social media postings. Content, popularity and a few other things are important influencers hen it comes to results. Another is time of posting.

This infographic shows some important visual information on the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and blogs. Have a look and try it out.

Source: Fannit.com

Social Platforms: What Brands Are Getting For Their Efforts

social-platforms-deep-dive_52047a506f1a7Brands and businesses are busy finding out what their return on social media is. According to this report from L2ThinkThank it doesn’t look so great and even some scaling back from certain platforms is predicted.

This is a very interesting report about brands’ social media efforts and their returns. The results should not be ignored. However, it is questionable that these brands are using social media platforms the way they should. A look at the activity of major brands in social media (including brands that participated in this study) reveals rather modest activities and usage of the assets created. This is especially true on Facebook, where brands’ highest investment and focus are Facebook ads. A tool that for the most part helps Facebook to create revenue, but is about as effective as a newspaper ad was 20 years ago, if at all. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing For B2B Marketers – Infographic



Social Media is one of the most successful marketing tools available for B2B marketers.

This infographic shows statistics for utilizing different social media platforms in the most efficient way possible.

Source: Visual.ly

If Social Media Platforms Would Be Real People – Infographic

What would the different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit, be like as real people? Continue reading

Social Media Posting: Guidelines For Twitter, Facebook, Google+ And Pinterest – Infographic

We all made the experience that sometimes it can be difficult to create a great post on the various social media platforms. A picture we believe is a “bringer” turns out to be a headache. There are many other examples on how a post can go wrong or can’t catch attention. Continue reading

Social Media: Statistics From Different Platforms – Infographic

Would you like to become a social media marketer? You know, so you can actually use Twitter and Facebook – proactively – at work?

Sure you would. But you have to memorise a few key stats, first. For example, did you know that the U.S. is the top country on Twitter, and that 34 percent of marketers have generated leads using the micro-blogging social network? Continue reading

Mobile Has Changed The Way We Capture Moments – Infographic

The types of moments we capture on camera have shifted dramatically with the increase in mobile technology and social media platforms.

In fact, there are a lot of things seldom photographed before the rise of camera phones. Have a look Continue reading

Social Media Marketing – If Your Bet Is “Data” You Are Doing It Wrong

Social media has turned into one of the major tools for marketers across industries. Whether you market B2C or B2B, social media is one of the major channels marketers use. Social media appears to be a very complex tool and the majority of those active on the various platforms are still struggling to maximize their efforts and increase ROI’s. Continue reading

4 Digital Marketing Trends For 2013 – Infographic

The world of digital marketing shifts, adjusts and evolves at a furious pace, with a veritable plethora of tools, technologies and platforms arriving – and changing – all of the time. Continue reading

Creating Good Social Content – Infographic

Everyone is looking to create content that amazes the masses and creates engagement and recognition on social media platforms. Very often, because of time limitations and other pressures, we lose oversight of our postings. Continue reading

Choosing The Most Effective Social Media Platforms – Infographic

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn. Etc. So many social media platforms. And so little time. (And manpower. And ideas.) There are costs involved to maintaining a social presence. It is vital for brands and companies  to market on the right platforms in order to optimize their resource allocation. Continue reading

Online Brand Marketing In 2013 – Infographic

With the constant addition of new online platforms, it can sometimes seem impossible to keep up with the latest trend in online marketing.  It doesn’t help that there seems to be countless ways to describe online marketing, including search engine marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, realtime marketing and our favourite term at Tent Social, social content marketing. Continue reading

A Look At 4 Social Media Command Centers – Infographic

In recent months, many major brands have developed what they are calling “Social Media Command centers.” These centers are state of the art listening hubs that allow brands to monitor their presence on major social platforms and be ultra-responsive to conversations happening about their company. Continue reading