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How To Get On Your “Likers” News Feed – Infographic

why-more-people-arent-seeing-your-facebook-posts_5267fb084c5f8Facebook has become the largest social platform on the web. With 1.2 billion unique users and almost 700 million of those users actively using the site every day, it’s undeniably important to promote your business with that kind of audience exposure.

But just as Google and other search engines use algorithms for presenting information, Facebook has an algorithm they use to show posts on users’ news feeds. Once you grow your following and have an audience, how do you make sure you get on their news feeds?

Source: HubShout

Social Media Posting: Guidelines For Twitter, Facebook, Google+ And Pinterest – Infographic

We all made the experience that sometimes it can be difficult to create a great post on the various social media platforms. A picture we believe is a “bringer” turns out to be a headache. There are many other examples on how a post can go wrong or can’t catch attention. Continue reading

Best Days To Post On Facebook – Infographic

An infographic by Pandemic Labs to help you find the best day to post on – check what works for your industry. Continue reading