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Who Is Tracking You: The World Of Cookies – Infographic




Using data from cookiepedia.co.uk, we explore the usage, purpose and privacy implications of the world of web cookies

Source: Cookiepedia

Big Data: Bigger Opportunities For Business? – Infographic


Recent events have created some skepticism about the use of data. Privacy advocates raising their voices about how data is used. In the business world, most are convinced that data gives insight of what people buy next and advertisers and marketers are jumping.

This Infographic over big data that shows not only its emerging trend but also includes all the latest researches and how different sectors of the society are adopting big data for their business analytics & security intelligence.

Source: CloudReviews



Data Brokers And Privacy You know those companies that maintain massive databases of consumers and their behaviors — and sell all that information to marketers? Perhaps you don’t know them. They are supposed to be invisible. But they do have … Continue reading

How Facebook Graph Search Affects Your Privacy – Infographic

Facebook Graph Search is being rolled out to the masses and it’s important to be aware of the searchable content you post. Public information will come up in search queries and may prove problematic if you have content on Facebook that you don’t want the world to see. Continue reading

Smartphones: Do You Care About Privacy? – Infographic

In today’s world of smartphones, usage is extensive. All sorts of smartphones are being used for about everything from banking to tasking, socializing, shopping and everything a smartphone user can think of! What about privacy and security? Continue reading

Permission Slips: Do You Know What You Are Sharing? – Infographic

Facebook users have scanned with MyPermissions to find out what third party apps and websites have access to their information and just what permissions they have granted. We’ve created this infographic to show you what the truth is about the data that is collected and the access you’ve granted. Continue reading

Social Media Habits And Privacy Concerns – Infographic

Internet privacy is a huge issues these days. Many people are cracking down on what they do and do not want to share on their social media profiles. But who shares more, men or women? The data might surprise you. Continue reading

Facebook: What the Social Network Knows About You

On today’s “Off The Charts,” Scarlet Fu looks at a Cambridge University study that examines what Facebook “likes” reveal about users. She reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Cyber Crime Explained: What The “Hack” Is Going On? – Infographic

Bot Revolt decided to dig through recent cyber crime reports to discover what the hack is going on. Continue reading

Facebook A Privacy Failure? – Infographic

Nearly everyone has a Facebook page, but Facebook is still a privacy failure. This infographic is showing Facebook’s shortcomings when it comes to protect the users privacy. Take a look. Comments are appreciated.

Source: TopWebDesignSchools.org, Visual.ly


Do You Take Your Social Media Friends to The Bathroom? – Infographic

The bathroom is usually a place of privacy; however, we’ve given that up to tweet and Facebook on our phones.

Source: Visual.ly, Emergency Plumber


Protect Your Privacy? Check Out MyPermissions, Now!

Are you on Facebook? Check out MyPermissions now. Seriously, just do it. – The Next Web.

Last week during one of my many recent trips to tech conferences all across Europe, namely DLD and Techono.me in Tel Aviv, Israel, I was invited to join Internet entrepreneur Jay Adelson (of Digg, Equinix, Revision3 and SimpleGeo fame) for a visit to the offices of startup incubator lool ventures.

One of the startups in its portfolio is MyPermissions, which we (and lots of others) profiled back in January 2012. We need do to it again, though.

The company is working on a free Web browser plugin and iPhone app that basically give users an instant overview of which applications they’ve granted access to their personal information, and given permission to use it in certain ways, across a variety of social media services.

Why do they need a mobile app for that, you ask? Well, try and get an overview of which apps you’ve linked up to your Twitter account from your iPhone from within Twitter’s official app. Good luck finding it. Meanwhile, MyPermissions’ iOS app surfaces a list in mere seconds.

And for social networking juggernaut Facebook, it does more than simply providing users with an overview. MyPermissions’s Cleaner will take a step further and analyze which applications you’ve connected to your Facebook profile in the past, and tell you which ones are ‘intrusive’.

In one glance, you can see which apps can post in your name, know your location, have access to your message inbox, chats, your media files, and more. You can remove the apps one by one, or add them to a list of ‘Trusted’ apps, but if you don’t have the patience to do that you can also simply remove all of them with one click of the mouse.

Depending on how many apps you’ve given access in the past, the detection part will take but a few minutes. When we were getting a demo of the service at the lool ventures offices, Adelson connected his Facebook account and found a whopping 58 ‘intrusive’ Facebook apps.

He ‘nuked’ them all in one fell swoop just seconds later.

I did the same, and the tool detected *gasp* 278 apps. In my defense, I have to test a lot of services and Facebook apps for my job. Still, 278 apps with access to my personal information. I nuked them all too.

And you should totally do the same.

In the end, the apps you use on a regular basis that still require you to connect to your Facebook account will quickly become apparent to you, and you can simple reconnect them whenever you want and move on.

Run the tool, and tell me in the comments how many apps it detected for your account, if this surprised you, and if you used the ‘nuke’ button.

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Image credit: Justin Tallis for AFP / Getty Images

Source: The Next Web


Are You Ready To Disclose Every Single Step You Make? – Infographic

Through various social media platforms, we’re able to share all the necessary, and unnecessary, details of our existence. This infographic done with Visible Technologies begs the question; are we ready to literally disclose our every step?

Source: Columnfivemedia.com, Visible Technologies


What Social Networks Know About You – Infographic

A read through most online privacy policies is enough to make your stomach acid curdle. And social media companies have more access to personal data than most.

Some collect information you expressly give them, like your credit card and telephone numbers. Others gather data based on how and where you use their services. This might include anything from device and browser information to location intel. And some of it gets really specific — think about your last search query or ad click. It’s probably all “fair” game.

Depending on the type gathered, social networks use data to enhance location services and target advertising (now you know why that sunglasses website you visited three months ago follows you all over the web). A few social sites even share certain information with marketers and/or third-party partners — in that case, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with those other companies’ policies as they apply to you and your information.

The infographic below, created for Baynote, explains why your web browsing and online interactions have become much more personalized. Are you comfortable with a highly customized experience, knowing it’s your data that’s making the difference?

Source: Mashable.com, Baynote, Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, William Warby / feastoffun.com.

Facebook, Google Less Trusted Than Your Grocery Store [STUDY]

Facebook, Google Less Trusted Than Your Grocery Store [STUDY].

U.S. adults trust their grocery store with their personal information more than they do Facebook. That’s according to a survey released Friday by location-based marketing firm Placecast, conducted online by Harris Interactive.

According to the survey customers trust grocery stores with their personal information more than they trust Facebook, Amazon, Google or their cellphone provider…Read More

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