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Content Marketing: Improve Lives And Your Bottom Line – Infographic



Content marketing can do a lot for you or your business. Done right, it provides more than just marketing for a product or a brand.

How to Improve Lives & Improve the Bottom Line through Content Marketing is about how to create momentous content initiatives at the intersection of Corporate Social Responsibility, Cause Marketing and Content Marketing.

Source: FusionSpark

Marketing: How To Design For Viral Growth – Infographic

Viral growth is the holy grail for Web-based companies. Entrepreneurs spend late nights thinking of tactics like funny videos, PR stunts, Facebook quizzes and other mechanics that can make their product “go viral.” Viral growth is alluring because it 1) can generate a ton of users quickly, 2) the follow-on viral-acquired users are typically free, and 3) it generates press and buzz which in turn fuel the viral loop. Continue reading


Customer Development is a process of identifying a product market fit for your product.

Unpacking Value: What Value Means To Consumers – Infographic

When BuzzBack reached out to an international group of marketing and insight professionals and asked what theme they were most interested in learning more about, the ‘winner’ was Value. It’s not surprising. Establishing Value in the mind of your customer is one of the most important factors when marketing your product or service. There are many facets to the word value, and understanding how your customer perceives value is critical. Does it mean affordable? Quality? Price? We conducted an exploratory study with 1500 adult consumers in the US, UK, and China, all 18+ to explore this issue. For the full report, please email info@buzzback.com.

Source: Visual.ly

Does Apple have a Map Product coming?