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Blogging: The Profile Of A Travel Blogger – Infographic



Sandymount Hotel presents an infographic look at the modern travel blogger. Looking at their average age, most popular destinations, technology, income, use of online platforms and of course, their blogging.

Source: SandyMountHotel

Twitter 2013 Sizes And Dimensions Cheat Sheet – Infographic



Looking to improve the visible impression of your Twitter profile? Here is some much needed help with sizes and dimensions for the various images.

Twitter 2013 Sizes And Dimensions Cheat Sheet.

Source: Online Circle

5 Reasons Recruiters Don’t Click Through to Your LinkedIn Profile – Infographic

If you’re wondering why recruiters and employers aren’t reaching out to you, your LinkedIn profile may be to blame. Fix these 5 most common LinkedIn profile errors to get back on recruiters’ radar. Continue reading

Twitter: Profiles Of Obnoxious Tweeters – Infographic

If you’ve ever been the victim of an unfollow on Twitter, you may just fit the profile of an obnoxious tweeter. Continue reading

Election 2012: The Candidates’ Social Media Profiles – Infographic

Either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is going to be elected as President of the United States of American in a couple weeks. The recent debates have been very entertaining to say the least.

With Facebook hitting one billion users and Twitter registering at about 500 million, we here at Wallaroo Media thought we’d take a dive into the presidential candidates’ social media profiles. We found some very interesting data. Do you think that the information below can be used to predict a winner in this year’s election?

Source: Wallaroomedia

Job Titles anyone?…Interesting for Profile-Neurotics

Make sure you hide your true self…