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Luxury Brands And Digital Marketing – Infographic

Infographic: Luxury Brands Love-Hate Relationship With Digital Marketing

Infographic by MDG Advertising

The allure of luxury brands is that they’re ultra-exclusive, while the appeal of digital marketing is that it’s all-inclusive. So how can luxury marketers uphold their exclusivity while striving to address their affluent audience’s desire for all things digital? Fortunately, there are dynamic digital strategies that will allow upscale brands to avoid downgrading their image while leveraging the power of online platforms. MDG Advertising developed this enlightening infographic to show that luxury lines can maintain their value, while adapting to the latest technology.

Source: MDG Advertising


Are Women More Attracted To Jerks? – Infographic

There’s a saying that many of you are probably familiar with: Nice guys finish last. It’s a sad statement if it’s true, but not everyone believes it. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that the converse is actually biologically sound — women are sometimes more attracted to schmucks. We took that finding to the public, and asked if it was true. Are women really more attracted to jerks? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Source: Soda Head


Facebook Knows More About Your Love Life Than You Think – Infographic

Like to keep your love life under wraps? Be careful if you’re on Facebook.

The social network may be able to predict how happy you are in your relationships, how satisfied your boyfriend or girlfriend is, when you’re most likely to break up or make things official with someone new and even what songs you’re most likely to listen to when you’re on a hormone high or down in the dumps.

“It’s not official until it’s on Facebook,” goes the not so old maxim. If that saying holds true though, people are most ready to start going steady around Valentine’s Day and Christmas, with the beginning of April not far behind. On Feb. 14, new relationships outpace fresh breakups by 49%, according to data from the social network. On Dec. 25, the difference is 35%, and on Dec. 24 it’s 28%.

Warm weather and sunshine, meanwhile, seem to get people feeling restless — early spring and the summertime are two of the peak breakup seasons, according to people’s relationship status updates. And people are most likely to broadcast their breakups on Fridays and Saturdays.

University of Wisconsin researchers even found that profile pictures and the presence or absence of a declared relationship status can predict the level of harmony between two people. Men who post their status as “In a Relationship” rather than leave it blank were more satisfied with their relationships, the Wisconsin researchers found. Women whose profile pictures include their partners were similarly more satisfied.

The online education directory WorldWideLearn gathered all these findings and more from research by Facebook and a number of news outlets to produce the infographic below. Check it out for the fuller picture of how much Facebook can reasonably predict about your love life.

Do these findings match your own experiences in romance and Facebook? Share your stories in the comments below.

Source: Mashable.com, WorldWideLearn.com