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Why The Republican Party Failed- Again!

The 2012 Elections are over and the winner is, again, Barack Obama. For the GOP the result is a disaster. Lots of money has been spent and lots of leverage with big business and SuperPacs went out of the window. What are the major reasons for the Republican failure?

While an easy answer is to blame the Republican candidate, this strategy would be dangerous for the GOP. The reasons are, in my opinion, much deeper. Over the past 10 years the party overdid the conservative approach and drifted too far to the right in a time when the entire world is opening up and becomes a smaller place. 15 years ago international news and news in general didn’t flow as it does these days. It was much easier to plant a toilet parole and see it taking on its own dynamics. Like in this case, blaming President Obama for the current mess and telling the world that rape can’t cause pregnancy doesn’t fly anymore. The results of this election clearly confirm this. There is too much information for everyone available that will flush such false and ridiculous arguments off the table.  It is also a time when in other western countries gays are sitting in high government roles and the GOP argues with “biblical means” against gay rights, women rights and other major human rights. The hard core right wingers still offer solutions from the mid ages. This is really not the 1600’s anymore.

Right wingers such as Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Fox News and others hijacked the party to promote a completely out of date and sometimes a full of hate and disrespectful program. The outcome is that young voters, women, minorities, gays and Americans with a much more open and educated mind, and that number is growing as well, turn their back towards the GOP.  If this continues, the party will not have a chance to ever again win any election.

The party has a close relationship with big business and supports a pro business approach. While this is a chance and a solid foundation for the party, it is not something that is a given forever. For over two years big business has spent a lot of money and backed the party. Now, after the election, they too will analyze what happened and will no longer hold off on measures that would improve their growth. Besides, no major industry can afford to back outdated programs as mentioned above and risk to end up in the public firing line. Ask big business if they would back “rape can’t cause pregnancy” and other nonsense. The banks, with their well earned bad reputation, can tell you a story about that. Other businesses and industries will not take that risk much longer.

As far as the future goes, the GOP will be well advised to separate itself from the far right wing including the Tea Party and adapt a more open minded approach towards the world around them and the American people.  The mid age approach is death and sticking to it will make the GOP bleed out. Change is mandatory.