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Responsive Web Design: Make Sure Your Site Is Loading Fast Enough Across Devices – Infographic


Having a website that fits all devices these days is a challenge. While fitting the device might not be so much the problem, the loading time on different devices is a problem.

No matter where, your customers and readers have expectations. If a site on a smartphone takes too long to load, the potential customer might not come back.

Have a look at this infographic and see the problems and the consequences from slow responsive web design sites:

Source: Akamai

Mobile Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind – Infographic

Mobile Marketing is the future of business. Smartphones and tables are on the rise. A recent study provided clear proofs that mobile users will take more action when reached correctly using the right strategies.

We live in an interconnected world where 4 billion users use a mobile device.

One of the most important factor here is a responsive web design that will give users the same experience they can have on their desktop.

We have compiled an awesome Infographic to represent all the mobile marketing stats in one single document.

Source: Smartmediatips