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Small Business: How To Maximize Sales And Marketing – Infographic

get-your-small-business-ready-for-take-off_5237343d3a998Successful small businesses know that incorporating just a few simple practices into your growth strategy can maximize sales opportunities. Identify the right tactics to support your sales and marketing goals. It is well known that a business plan is an essential key to small business success, but where will you layout your sales goals for the year and the strategies and tactics you’ll use to reach them? In your marketing plan, that’s where. If you don’t already have one, use the information in this informative infographic to get your started on identifying all your sales strategies; as well as some helpful tips on what tactics to deploy in order to achieve them.

Source: FastBusinessCanada


Why Did Google, Microsoft Results Disappoint?

Bloomberg’s Dominic Chu breaks down results from Microsoft and Google and looks at why the companies fell short of expectations. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


Microsoft, Google Results Felled by PCs, Mobile Ads

Martin Garner, director of mobile internet at CCS Insight, reviews results from Microsoft and Google and looks at why the companies fell short of expectations. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Power Words: Make Your Words Sell – Infographic

In communications, the words we use are important. This is especially true is sales and marketing. The wording of our “pitch” can decide the faith of the product we sell. Psychology and marketing go hand in hand for centuries to find ever improved sales and marketing pitches a consumer can’t refuse to acknowledge. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing – If Your Bet Is “Data” You Are Doing It Wrong

Social media has turned into one of the major tools for marketers across industries. Whether you market B2C or B2B, social media is one of the major channels marketers use. Social media appears to be a very complex tool and the majority of those active on the various platforms are still struggling to maximize their efforts and increase ROI’s. Continue reading

What’s Behind Facebook’s Mobile Ad Magic Trick?

Jon Erlichman breaks down Facebook’s earnings numbers on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Search Marketing – What And How Do People Search For


There are tons of data sources marketers can use to gather information about peoples’ online search behavior, if you want to get the best data available, you’ve got to do it yourself. That’s why we partnered with SurveyMonkey for a study that gives us actionable insight into search patterns. Continue reading


Using Facebook for social media marketing is a powerful measure and can deliver outstanding results. there are different ways and strategies on how Facebook can be used. This infographic by Ebriks shows a few options, easy to follow. Visit Ebriks … Continue reading


A detailed Infographic on how to test and improve your landing pages and marketing results, difference between A/B testing and Multivariate testing,important landing page element , landing page testing mistakes and lot more.


10 things to watch for in Apple’s earnings call – MarketWatch. All eyes will be on Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)  this afternoon when it reveals results for the crucial holiday quarter, including sales of the new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. The … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: Online Engagement Is Hot – Infographic

Online Engagement is hot among marketers. But how intensively do we really use it? And what results do we achieve with it? To find out, the University of Utrecht conducted a study, commissioned by GX Software, consisting of a survey sent to 15,000 marketers in the United States and the Netherlands. The results of this study show that Online Engagement is growing rapidly and that marketers are achieving promising results.
Online Engagement
Listening to each individual customer is the core of Online Engagement. Marketers ‘listen’ online to determine who a customer is, what he or she is looking for, and how involved they are with the brand. All in order to proactively help customers in their search by using targeted, relevant messages across all online channels. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction in the long term and increase conversion ratios in the short term.

Strong growth
The research conclusively shows that Online Engagement is growing rapidly. Although currently only 15% of the respondents indicate to practice Online Engagement, 57% say they are gearing up to get started.

Does it work?
Why Online Engagement? Most marketers use this technique to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn rate (the number of customers who leave a company). However, Online Engagement also produces short-term results. Marketers report about 30 to 100 more clicks, 60% to 70% more conversion and sometimes even up to 50% more revenue when customized messages are used.

Learn more?
See the infographic below or download the full report on online engagement.

Source: GXSoftware
Online Engagement 8491d528-5ad4-40df-a21b-4b4fdb9b6525_infographic_GX_OCEM-AnewTrend

Facebook’s Sunny Third-Quarter Results – Infographic

Facebook reported its third-quarter earnings on Tuesday and to the surprise and delight of Wall Street, the results were not terrible.

In fact, there’s reason to be optimistic that the company is adapting to its fast-growing mobile user base. Key statistics in this regard include the company’s assertion that $3 million a day in revenues now come from mobile ads and that mobile advertising makes up 14% of overall revenues.

As Statista‘s chart below shows, mobile is contributing to a picture of continued growth at Facebook.

Source: Mashable.com, Statista

Google’s 3rd Quarter Result A Disappointment? – Infographic

Google‘s third-quarter earnings report leaked four hours early Thursday afternoon. The earnings, which missed Wall Street’s expectations, sent the stock down more than 8% before trading was halted. Google said R.R. Donnelley, its filing agent, is to blame.

Earnings were $9.03 a share on $11.33 billion in revenue, missing expectations of $10.63 a share on revenue of $11.86 billion. Profits took a 20% dip due to costs related to the acquisition of Motorola and Android development. Google’s paid clicks were up 33% year-over-year, but cost-per-clicks revenue declined 15% from the year previous.

Numbers are one thing, but the data is much easier to take in visually, which you can do in the Statista graphic below. What do you make of Google’s less-than-stellar third quarter? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Mashable.com, Statista

2012 Emmy Award Winners Determined By Social Media, A Different Outcome – Infographic

Sunday night’s Emmy results disappointed Breaking Bad and Mad Men fans everywhere. But how would the shows fare if social media determined television’s biggest winners instead?

The infographic, created by social advertising company RadiumOne, details the number of social shares about popular Emmy shows, including award recipients Modern Family and Homeland.

Among the victors of “Outstanding Shares”: Game of Thrones for the Drama series category, Girls for Comedy Series and The Voice for Reality Series.

Old standby The Simpsons gets the distinction of being the nominated show with most Facebook likes, clocking in at 54.8 million. (Another fun fact: Homer Simpson has 860,000 Twitter followers). Check out the infographic, below, for more.

Is your favorite show in the social-shares winners’ circle? Do you tweet about your favorite show? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Mashable.com, RadiumOne


Fresh And Relevant Content Will Determine Your Ranking – Infographic

Fresh, relevant content is essential for the success of every website. In addition to providing your target audience with information about your business or products, web content provides web crawlers with information about your website and where it should rank in a listing of relevant search results.

Source: Visual.ly, WebKite.com