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A Social Media Resume Can Land You Your Next Job – Infographic

Unless your job is managing the company’s online marketing or social media accounts, you’re most likely not gonna get a green light to access social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and (especially) YouTube at your workplace. Most companies simply hate it. But despite this, did you know that social media can also land you your dream job? Continue reading

Yahoo – Pimped Resume – Should Scott Thompson Be Fired

One of the “major problems” that is dominating the financial and technology news these days is the new Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson. The good man pimped his resume, Yahoo and the board didn’t catch it and everyone more or less important cries foul.

Not that the man was coming from the moon and nobody knew him. Thompson is an accomplished business leader and has quite a reputation for being good on the job. The problem is a degree that found the way on Thompson’s resume and obviously doesn’t belong there. Now the discussion is going on if the man should be dismissed by the company.

To be quite honest, if they hired him for the degree that is discussed, there are better choices to make and Scott Thompson shouldn’t have the job. Meaning, lots of people have better degrees. Those that support firing claim he had lied. Well, yes, looks like he did. And as a leader of a public company he is not supposed to do that, so they claim. If he should not manage a public company because he lied in a minor case, then there are also bigger fish to fry. Yahoo has other worries at this point and this entire story is not worth time, money, resources and whatever else is invested.

I am writing this not in support of lying, but this appears hypocritical to me. There were other guys in recent times that got away with much bigger fibs, including the fitting excuses. How about starting there in order to set the tone?  After all, Yahoo already made a statement, everything is an “inadvertent error”. Well, that sounds better as “we didn’t know, I don’t know” or other excuses that were made for much bigger swindles. Close the book and get to work, all of you.


Social Media Resume


“The Main Street Analyst” 

Email: v@maxus1.com

Phone: 347-855-3480






Social Media Presence:

Empire Avenue

Facebook Page

Facebook Personal





Empire Avenue:

Global 10 – Weekly Earnings

Global 20 – Dividends

Global 20 – WordPress


Klout Score 70

“You generate actions and discussions with nearly every message”


My Favorite Quotes:

“A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have”.
-Steve Jobs-


Those who say it cannot be done, shouldn’t interrupt the people doing it”.



Social Media, Marketing and Communications Leader with practical experience in the banking/financial industry, technology, sports/soccer and hospitality.


Objective:Helping companies to raise visibility, public perception, social “Klout” and increasing value and bottom line.

Outstanding and Superior Skills:

Leadership, social media, social media sites and properties, marketing and business development, partnerships, brand, public relations, communications, banking, financial industry, technology, internet, people, management, organization, business, small business, international experience, multilingual

Characteristics and Personality:

Confident, competitive, determined, persistent, consistent, straight forward, direct, doing things, questioning the status quo to find improvement.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Developed and maintained business relationships with European Royals
  • Developed and maintained business relationships with Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and businesses of all sizes
  • Negotiated and closed $multi-million relationship and contracts.
  • Outperforming corporate benchmarks in high stress and pressure environment
  • Transformed local small business into business with international reputation
  • 30 International appearances for German U18 Soccer National Team, professional player at 1.FC Koeln, Germany

Summary of Experiences:

Over 15 years in the Banking and Financial Industry – International Experience

  • Retail Banking
  • Business and Commercial Banking
  • International Banking
  • Call Center Management
  • Mutual Fund Compliance and Internal Control

12 years combined Technology, Internet and Social Media – International Experience

  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations, Communications
  • Partnerships
  • Professional Services

Other Experiences:

  • Public speaking
  • Representing major banks and technology companies at public events
  • Ex-professional soccer player
  • Scuba Diver Instructor
  • General management of hospitality business.

Competitive Edge:

Understanding, ability and resources to connect bottom line oriented businesses to the opportunity rich social media world. Ability to develop your social media strategy and monetize on your social media efforts.

Job Search – Resume Delivery System

Staff Management, Hiring Procedures and Legal Terms in Times of Social Media

Hiring procedures have dramatically changed over the past couple of years. With the emergence of social media new tools for “employee screening” became available and are in heavy use by corporations all over the country. All known job posting boards on the Internet are recommending to “watch your online presence”. Don’t post anything that might tick anyone off, is the common advice.

While it was, and still is, good advice to think before speaking, what exactly can anyone post in social media these days? Is leaving a comment about the President’s latest budget cutting ideas already a problem? The HR guy or the hiring manager might not share the opinion and might lean to the other extreme of the topic. Is publishing that someone had 10 beers during the last birthday party already minimizing chances for a job? Continue reading


4 Tips for Optimizing Your Resume with Social Media – http://t.co/r68jRKDv — Mashable SocialMedia (@mashsocialmedia) November 20, 2011