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Retail Banking: Why Consumers Switch Banks – Infographic

This is an info graphic that illustrates a consumers path when they are considering switching banks.

Source: Visual.ly, Citi.com

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Bank Innovation – State Of Retail Banking – Infographic

With all the new technologies sprouting up before our very eyes, you would think that the banking industry would be making some advances of their own. While online banking and other products and services have moved the industry into the future, banking as a whole seems to have flat-lined in terms of recent innovation. Learn more about the current state of retail banking.

Source: Visual.ly

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The Misery in Retail Banking

As an ex banker (for over 15 years) I am always interested what is going on in the banking industry. Because that is so, I always break out in tears when I pass a bank branch. I cannot think of another industry that has neglected marketing, pr and the entire self representation as much as banks have. Looking at it, if you take the logo off, you would think they are a all the same bank. Marketing and pr from the consulting handbook and the staff still forced into a dress code that reminds you on the 50’s and 60’s. All that’s missing is that the men have to wear a hat. Continue reading