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Shoppers Beware: How Retailers Are Spying on You

Identifying the online behavioral patterns of consumers is a walk in the park compared to the challenge physical tracking poses for marketers. The solution? Companies are turning to high-tech gadgets, even spy gear, to collect data about customers. Bloomberg’s Rachel Crane takes a look at a few of these sneaky devices.


Retailers With Upside Potential

June sales reports by retailers could create a buying opportunity for some stocks on Thursday says AAP Co-Portfolio Manager Stephanie Link.

What Women Want When Shopping For Apparel & Shoes – Infographic

Swirl’s independent study of 1,000 women shoppers, titled “What Women Want When Apparel Shopping,” found that retailers should focus their mobile strategies more on enhancing the in-store shopping experience – where 76 percent of women prefer to shop – than enabling online sales transactions on mobile phones. The study also revealed that women are willing to share personal information with retailers as long as they receive value in return. Continue reading

The New Online Coupon Strategy for 2013 – Infographic

As retailers use new technology to interact with potential customers, the strategies of finding and using online coupons has fundamentally changed. This infographic is designed to help consumers understand these changes. Continue reading

Retailers: Are Niche Social Networks Worth It? – Infographic

It’s obvious for retailers to use sharing buttons from the large social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest but is there benefit to using the smaller more niche networks? For some retailers it may make sense to take advantage of these smaller social networks. Continue reading


A. Pinterest, The Social Media Platform

Pinterest is a visuals-focused social networking site that allows users to share photographs, videos, and other visual content among themselves. Pinterest describes itself as an online pinboard, and the site is organized, Facebook-style, as pages (each user owning a page); with a page consisting of boards (the equivalent of photo-albums or video collections), each created around a theme; and each board consisting of visual items (the equivalent of photographs, videos, visuals, etc.), referred to as pins. Continue reading

How To Use Big Data For The Retail Industry – Infographic

Retailers already know how to use customer data to run their brick-and-mortar operations. And they’ve been digging through reams of website analytics for at least a decade now. But data didn’t really get “big” until an explosion in smartphone use and social media addiction, resulting in the need for more agile, relevant marketing.

Thanks to consumers’ increasing use of mobile devices and social media, the volume and variety of data points continue to mushroom at a dizzying pace. What are the challenges and opportunities around leveraging Big Data, and how can retailers put together a plan to harness its power?


Mobile Shopping: Local Search And In-Store Shopping – Infographic

Shoppers are increasingly turning to the web, according to comScore’s 5th Annual Local Search Usage Study. While this may not be a revolutionary finding in 2012, the study did make a surprising discovery: shoppers, especially those equipped with mobile devices, are actually utilizing local search and not merely purchasing online. That’s right; shoppers are seeking to buy in-store, locally. This means it is vital for small retailers to appear in local search. Find out just how important this is to consumers and businesses.

Source: Visual.ly


Best Holiday Season For Online Small Businesses? – Infographic

Many outlets are predicting a robust holiday season for online retailers. The biggest online retailers will certainly benefit from the surge of spending, but so will small businesses selling on online marketplaces like Etsy, ebay, and Amazon.

Source: Visual.ly

INFOGRAPHIC - Outright - Holiday Shopping Season V4


Brand Advertising, Marketing, Spending: A Look Behind The Scenes – Infographic

We took an in-depth look at retailer brands and their advertising campaigns, marketing spending, and overall campaign messaging. Curious about what call-to-action buttons retailers use most in their online ads? Want to know what call-to-actions consumers click on most?

The infographic tells all!

Source: Steelhouse


Business And Marketing: Major Boost For Retailers And E-Commerce, Tablets – Infographic

It’s a well-known fact in the world of mobile technology that tablet users are taking the world by storm. A relatively recent introduction to the growing pool of interesting gadgets, tablets have taken off in the past two years, and this trend is only expected to continue.

Though the essential tablet computer has a long and checkered past, with Microsoft attempting to break it into the mainstream in the late ‘90s, all efforts to make a functional and widely accessible tablet failed until Apple released the revolutionary iPad in 2010. Microsoft’s initial attempt at creating a flat screen, portable notetaking device failed for various reasons – too heavy, difficult software, limited platform – but when Apple got it right, the iPad started appearing in households, coffee shops, board rooms and subways everywhere.

Now consumers have hundreds of tablets to choose from and with the recent additions of Amazon Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface and Google’s Nexus 7, popularity and usage will continue to grow.

Source: Miva Merchant


Social Media And The Fashion Retailers – Infographic

Shopping is an incredibly interactive experience with many elements that can sway our decision making, from the visual sharing of photos to the opinions and recommendations that our friends and family give.

These activities lend themselves so well to the world of social media, think about how you can “like” products on Facebook, leave comments on pictures, share details of new purchases and pin clothes and accessories that you want to a Pinterest board. Fashion retailers know the benefits of being an active part of this ever-social, online world.

The issue that has become apparent though, is that many retailers try too hard to promote their brand through their own channels and come across as the pushy shop assistant, but that’s not what social media is about. Nielsen research tell us that “92% of consumers around the world now trust earned media such as word of mouth recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising”.

Social media works in the same way, people do not always listen to a brand’s own Facebook page, this is why it is important to earn the respect of your community and transform individuals into brand advocates that will promote your products and offer their own recommendations. Seeing a friend like a brand or product online may give you extra confidence in your purchase decision.

Three retailers that have seen noticeable benefits through social media are Burberry, Lorna Jane and Victoria’s Secret. Burberry saw profits increase 21% after actively participating in social media. Lorna Jane’s online revenue grew 400% after their Facebook page began to drive as much traffic as two offline retail stores. Victoria’s Secret uses custom designed tabs in order to share the different elements of the brand story and as a result have grown a 19 million strong Facebook fan base.

So what exactly is the benefit of being “liked” on Facebook? Well, research shows that Facebookers are 51% more likely to make a purchase after becoming a fan and Facebook fans spend on average 117% more in store than those who are not part of your fan base.

Source: Sticki Digital Media,