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BlackBerry Fighting Uphill Battle To Sell Z10

Engadget Senior Associate Editor Michael Gorman talks about the U.S. sales of BlackBerry’s new Z10 smartphone. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


The BlackBerry has been reinvented to join the mix of today’s touch smart phones. Walt Mossberg gives us his take on the new BlackBerry OS, and five important things you should know about RIM’s new phones.


RIM’s Dramatic Losses – The Blackberry Is In Danger Of Extinction – Infographic

This chart sums up the current state of RIM’s business. How in the world could this happen? Over the past quarters, revenue and sales dropped like a stone. The situation became downright dramatic.

Source: Statista


The Downfall of RIM – Infographic

Interesting one view chart about RIM’s global smartphone market share and unit shipments since 2008.

Source: Statista

What is going to happen with RIM?

Can it get any lower?

RIM shares drop as forecast disappoints – MarketWatch

RIM shares drop as forecast disappoints – MarketWatch.