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Barclay’s English Premier League: Review Round 30, 1st day – Arsenal falls over Almunia

The clubs in the premier league are faced off in round 30. The bringer in the round is the clash for 3rd place: Chelsea against Manchester City on Sunday. The citizens are motivated to make up for the embarrassment from this week’s Europa league blunder and don’t intend to give up Champions league guarantee.

Manchester United won their game against Bolton, with lots of determination, patience and Berbatov. Even a red card for Evans 15 minutes before time couldn’t stop United to go for a winner. Bolton performed very well, but, while still having opportunities, lost courage after Evans’ red card. With a little more “greed” and pressure with a man more on the field, who knows the outcome.

Arsenal struggled against West Brom and couldn’t take all three points home. Goalie Almunia, obviously with a mental problem because Lehmann is back, helped West Brom to a 2-0 lead. With the courage of despair, the gunners saved a point. Spurs faced hammers and lost two important points in their campaign to rise into the top 4. The savior for the hammers was Robert Green, who delivered an excellent performance. At the end a 0-0 stood in a good game with opportunities on both sides.

Wigan beat Birmingham while Wolves secured a win at Aston Villa. Both needed the points desperately and kept themselves in the race for a place above the relegation line. Other, Stoke – Newcastle 4-0 and Blackburn – Blackpool 2-2. At Goodison Park, Everton won 2-1 against Fulham.