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Prove Content Marketing ROI To Your CEO


ROI On Social Media: 10 Examples – Infographic

10-examples-of-social-media-roi_52398539b5a8cThe tried and tested methods of evaluating return on investment don’t always apply quite as explicitly when it comes to gauging success on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. While these tools can be used effectively to drive orders and boost sales, your efforts are perhaps better measured in different metrics, such as growth of community, brand awareness and website footfall, certainly in the early stages of your strategy. Ultimately, of course (and however), it’s social media’s impact on your bottom line that will determine your success or failure – certainly when it comes to appeasing your boss – and this infographic from Psoshul provides 10 very convincing examples of ROI in social media.

Source: Mediabistro

Social Media: Building Your Audience – Infographic



Here are some simple strategies and tips to make your social media presence grow. Remember that social media success doesn’t happen over night; be committed to do it properly and the ROI will come.

Source: Digital Information World

Social Media Marketing, Brand Awareness: How Victoria’s Secret Cuts Its ROI Short

Logo TheMainStreetAnalyst 8713679455_e0394e3f7e_zFrom time to time I check on my social media marketing and brand management skills and knowledge to see if I can add something. When doing so, one of my tasks is visiting social media platforms of some of the big shots in the social media world and business to see what they do and how they do it. What comes to light is mostly confidence boosting, for me, many other social media marketing consultants and small businesses. Not so much for the huge brand Victoria’s Secret, which I today use as an example on “how to do better”. Continue reading

Content Marketing: Guidelines To Do It Better – Infographic


Content marketing has become one of the most important tools for marketers. Some even claim it replaces SEO. Done right, content marketing can support your marketing and promotion activities and increase your ROI on your campaign.

The infographic highlights some of the best practices and some things you should stay away from. While I don’t agree with all the details in the points made, the graphic is still a good guide to get you on your way.

Have a look at the infographic and share it with your network. Comments are welcome.

Source: The Main Street Analyst, Infographic by WebNetHosting

Marketing: ROI Gains In Social Media – Infographic

You hear all the time about the big wins in social media – thousands of new fans overnight, thousands of shares on a photo post, etc. But are these wins being achieved by all marketers across the board? We’ve compiled an infographic, based on a recent study by Social Media Examiner, that shows how over 3,000 marketers are fairing in social media this year (2013). Continue reading

Social Media Marketing – If Your Bet Is “Data” You Are Doing It Wrong

Social media has turned into one of the major tools for marketers across industries. Whether you market B2C or B2B, social media is one of the major channels marketers use. Social media appears to be a very complex tool and the majority of those active on the various platforms are still struggling to maximize their efforts and increase ROI’s. Continue reading

Developers Revenue Wars: iOS vs. Android – Infographic

It’s billed as the battle of the century, at least as far as app developers are concerned; which has better ROI, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android? Consumers are split: Apple have the single largest market share, Google have numerous manufacturers on their side; iOS dominates North America, Android wins out in Europe. Continue reading

The Scoop on Email Marketing – Infographic

Looking for “The Scoop on Email Marketing”? ProMarketing Leads has created an infographic outlining just how important email marketing is for your business. Email marketing has been around for quite awhile, and will continue to be an important part of a business marketing strategy. The infographic outlines some important statistics about Email marketing, and how it still remains to be a reliable and effective tool for marketers earning $44.00 ROI per dollar spent! Continue reading

The Power Of Performance Martketing – Infographic

Performance Marketing is growing at an annual rate of 17% and can provide measurable ROI. Taking all of this into consideration we have seen an alarming number of enterprise brands not participating so we put this infographic together to educate CMO’s on why they need to participate in Performance Marketing. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: Investment vs. ROI – Infographic

Social media ROI is difficult to measure. But, this doesn’t mean it cannot be measured. With every business, irrespective of its size getting onto the social media marketing bandwagon, they want to know the kind of returns they are getting from their investment. There is a lot of math involved in calculating ROI but when it comes to social media there is yet another element added to this mix and that is emotion. Continue reading

Does Email Marketing Have A Future? – Infographic

In case you haven’t heard it enough — email isn’t dead. And if you weren’t sure, now you know. Well, I’m glad we were able to clear that up! So, rather than beat a dead horse and talk about how email isn’t dead, it’s time to celebrate email! Continue reading


Meaning Of A Facebook Like – Lately we’ve heard a lot of debate about the value of a Facebook like. Some have tried to calculate the ROI of a like for a brand, while others argue that the intrinsic value … Continue reading


Fine Tune Your Social Media ROI In 5 Easy Steps – Infographic Wondering how to fine tune your Social Media ROI? An Infographic that lays out steps for Social Media Marketers & tools that can assist you in finding out the … Continue reading

Marketing: How To Improve Your Return On Digital Coupons – Infographic

RevTrax Study Pinpoints Top Cities, Regions and Demographics For Digital Coupon Use

Source: Visual.ly