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Selling To Marketers: Tips And Best Practices – Infographic


This infographic shows what works and what not when you approach marketers to sell technology or vendor services.

These best practices are compiled from lead generation campaigns targeting marketers from 2010-2013, including 1.45 million call and email attempts, and more than 20,000 conversations with marketing executives. These calls resulted in more than 830 qualified appointments and $4.8 million in revenue generated. Source: Leadjen


How To Become An Asset In The Sales Department – Infographic


Sales Tips: This kind of sales focus turns you into an asset. Provided by Company.com

Klout To Measure Influence. Really? – Infographic


Klout is a popular tool these days. However, the value of the scores is debatable and the ways people use to increase their score further heat the debate. One is under the impression Klout measures everything, but influence.

The infographic below is presented by KloutScoreBook.com that provides valuable information on how to increase the Klout score and boost up sales. A closer look reveals on how Klout’s influence measurement can be (and is) misused just to increase the score. Klout a marketing and sales tool?

Source: KloutScoreBook

Celebrating Women In Business: The Norms Have Changed – Infographic

women-on-top_523b40aedc548Return on sales: increase of 42%. Return on equity: increase of 53%. Return on investment capital: increase of 66%. Total sales: $1.3 trillion. Those are indomitable statistics and they all have one thing in common: they’re derived from businesses owned or operated by women.

To say the norms in business have changed would be an understatement. The stats presented above are impressive and they’re surely likely to continue being so. With more women than ever before in the workforce, more women attending college and more women-owned business just killing it—we thought it was high time to provide you with an illustration. Continue reading

Small Business: How To Maximize Sales And Marketing – Infographic

get-your-small-business-ready-for-take-off_5237343d3a998Successful small businesses know that incorporating just a few simple practices into your growth strategy can maximize sales opportunities. Identify the right tactics to support your sales and marketing goals. It is well known that a business plan is an essential key to small business success, but where will you layout your sales goals for the year and the strategies and tactics you’ll use to reach them? In your marketing plan, that’s where. If you don’t already have one, use the information in this informative infographic to get your started on identifying all your sales strategies; as well as some helpful tips on what tactics to deploy in order to achieve them.

Source: FastBusinessCanada

Marketing Automation Is Sales Automation – Infographic



Despite being marketed for years as a tool for, well, marketers, automation is changing the shape of the modern sales department as well. Companies that implement the solution for their marketing teams soon discover that automation extends well beyond the boundaries of marketing.

Source: Pardot

Business Is Relationship Building – Even In The Social Media World – Infographic

embrance-online-culture_520491d80e2d1Business is relationship building. If 100 potential customers enter your brick-and-mortar store, look around for fitting products, but you don’t interact with them, your sales will be modest.

This is not different in the social media business world. If 100 people enter your Facebook page, like and comment and you don’t interact, what do you expect to happen?

Have a look at this infographic from J6Design



Creating The Perfect Trade Show Exhibit – Infographic

infographic_wireframe_exhibitco_july2013Hosting a trade show exhibit for your business has numerous advantages. From marketing, social engagement, and branding, building an exhibit can sustain existing customers as well as develop new and loyal ones. Trade shows provide important face-face interaction. It’s no wonder roughly 70% of trade show attendees end up buying one or more products after visiting a booth.

However, if you are attending a trade show you will want to set-up an exhibit that is both appealing to passerby and properly displays your business products. Mapping out how you will create your perfect exhibit as well as what you plan to accomplish at your next trade show will help you and employees maximize your marketing strategies. You may want to have your team select at least three goals, assigning a percentage of importance to each. This will help you learn which products and services should be most visible on the floor. Continue reading

Social Media And Sales – Infographic

selling-social_51dadba5e60e086% of marketers say social media is important for their business. It’s the ultimate word of mouth. 76% of marketers have integrated social media into their traditional marketing activities, making sure their presence is known. The leading social media sites for companies are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The reasons why companies use these social media sites may be surprising, however. 89% of marketers say they use social networking sites to increase exposure, while only 43% admit to using social media to improve sales. The investment in social media pays off, however, as 62% of companies that spend over 40 hours a week utilizing social media say they can see a difference in their customer base.

Source: TopWebDesignSchools

Online Retail: Statistics And Trends – Infographic



U.S. Online retail sales have hit $1 Trillion in 2012 and are growing fast. By 2017, 10% of retail sales will be made online with 25% of that made over mobile devices.

Have a look at statistics, trends and other developments of online sales in the U.S. and other global regions.

Source: invesp Blog

Pinterest Tips: Create Better Content And Get More Followers – Infographic

Pinterest has turned into an amazing platform to boost leads and sales. Here are some tips on how to make your Pinterest showroom even better. Continue reading

Content Across The Sales Cycle: Right Content At The Right Time? – Infographic

Content Marketing Infographic: measuring the impact of content across the buying cycle. Is your sales team delivering the right content at the right time? Continue reading

Small Business: Success Using The Internet And Social Media – Infographic

The Internet is a very important and powerful source of revenue growth that some small business owners ares still wary of how to embrace it. Continue reading

Social Media: Calls-To-Action Work – Infographic

Traditional marketers and sales people have known for years and years that if you want someone to take a specific action, you have to actually ask them to take that action. But for some reason when we made the shift to social media, it suddenly became “uncool” to use calls-to-action. Continue reading

Content Marketing Can Drive Sales – Infographic

Content Marketing is the top go-to market priority in 2013. In 2013, what is your top external social strategy objective? Continue reading