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Facebook Posting: What To Post To Get More Likes And Shares – Infographic




People love to share different type of content on Facebook and when friends view the content and like the page, it would be the great feeling. Here are some points of post that inspire people to share your content.

Source: Clear Copywriting


Top Landmarks In The World’s Most Social Cities – Infographic

Planning to check in at New York’s American Museum of Natural History or Rome’s Trevi Fountain this summer? You’re not alone.

Facebook has pored over its check-in data and isolated the “most-social” spots in 25 cities. Among the patterns that Facebook has uncovered:

Malls and outdoor markets like Melbourne’s Queen Victoria market, Sao Paolo’s Mercado Municipal and Seoul’s Dongdaeum appear within the top 10 landmarks for 19 of 25 cities.
Amusement parks like Moscow’s Gorky Park, Seoul’s Lotte World appear, Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City and Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens also score high.
Chain restaurants like the Hard Rock Cafes in Buenos Aires, Delhi and Barcelona, TGI Fridays in Norway, and Bella Paulista Casa de Paes in Sao Paulo also appeared on the list.
Not surprisingly, cities with warmer climates had more check-ins to outdoor spots, while indoor spots scored higher for colder cities.

The list of the top landmarks in all the cities can be found here.

Meanwhile, the infographic highlights the most-social landmarks in eight top cities.

Source: Mashable.com, Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, pmorgan67

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