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Fashion: Women And Shoes – Infographic




A Woman’s Best Friend” is an insight into the buying habits of women and possibly one of their favorite purchases.

Source: RunAwayShoes

What To Know About Heels – Infographic

For many women it’s all about the shoe love! Most of them know everything about the fashion of shoes. For those that don’t, and men, here is the ultimate guide to heels, their names and descriptions. Continue reading


The new way to do steel-capped shoes, courtesy of @louisvuitton #pfw pic.twitter.com/pLQsDtiC2v — British GQ (@BritishGQ) June 28, 2013

What Women Want When Shopping For Apparel & Shoes – Infographic

Swirl’s independent study of 1,000 women shoppers, titled “What Women Want When Apparel Shopping,” found that retailers should focus their mobile strategies more on enhancing the in-store shopping experience – where 76 percent of women prefer to shop – than enabling online sales transactions on mobile phones. The study also revealed that women are willing to share personal information with retailers as long as they receive value in return. Continue reading

Gisele In Flip-Flops: A Shoemaker Takes Off

Bloomberg’s Alix Steel discusses today’s top story out of Latin America. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)