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Simon Harris Interview with Jimmy Burns About Spanish Football – Video

Between two Clasico’s – Simon Harris and Nic Aldam

Between the Clasico’s, Simon Harris and Nic Aldam discuss Barca’s week and a preview on Wednesday’s Clasico at Camp Nou. Listen here!

FIFA Club World Cup 2011 – Japan

Talking Barça – Spain Football Community and Simon Harris

Talking Barca 10 – Victory Over Madrid and the Clubs World Cup – Talking Barça – Spain Football Community.

Listen and share the insights of Spanish Football

El Clasico – By Simon Harris


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Blog about Spanish Football by Simon Harris. Check the news.


Real Madrid Reserve in good Shape – Simon Harris

Talking Barca by Simon Harris

By Simon Harris, Barcelona, Spain – Talking Barça 6 – now available on the website!

This Week’s Talking Barça 6 sees Nic and Simon at their most irreverant best! Telling it like it is regarding Spain aka Barça and Friends dismal performances against England and Costa Rica, a look at the Hospitalet game where Simon takes the opportunity to extol the virtues of his second love UE Sant Andreu, Nic takes a swing at Sandro Rosell and then the Talking Barça boys give Real Zaragoza and Zlatan Ibrahimovic a good dressing down. This is what happens when we have to go through a week without any ‘proper’ football! Visca el Barça!