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Running a Marketing Campaign for New York and the New York City Business World

If you would run a marketing campaign for New York City and the New York City business world, who would you choose as your “poster child”?

Thank you for your participation!

“Levron B2B Network Brokers Home”

“Levron B2B Network Brokers Home”.

This is an outstanding business idea and should be honored by tech. and business investors. Take a look at the potential and the possible volume of this business.

Ilana Eberson | Small Business Influencers

Ilana Eberson | Small Business Influencers.



For those that haven’t promoted Ilana. It’s time to do something good for the Small Business NYC

Do you think #LadyGaga and the #NewYorkCosmos could together promote the #multiculturalNYCbusiness marketplace?

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