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Twitter Is Driving Business For Small Businesses


eCommerce Start-Ups: Avoiding The Pitfalls – Infographic

avoiding-the-pitfalls-of-ecommerce_5239cf3d892a9The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about sixty percent of start-ups survive up to three years in the competitive world of business, and only thirty-five percent will make it past their 10th year. When it comes to start-up internet businesses, the failure rate is said to be even higher, with a few studies reporting failure rates as high as ninety percent. Some internet-based businesses even fail as quickly as within the first 120 days of operation. The internet is a booming business, and every quarter it is estimated that $43 million is spent in online shopping alone. So why are so many ecommerce businesses not making the cut? The following infographic illustrates a few key reasons why most ecommerce businesses fail, outlining everything from poor marketing strategies and lack of direction, to mistakes in website design and lazy customer service. It also provides a handful of essential tips that new business owners can use to ensure sustainable start-up success.

Source: Chargeback

Small Business: How To Maximize Sales And Marketing – Infographic

get-your-small-business-ready-for-take-off_5237343d3a998Successful small businesses know that incorporating just a few simple practices into your growth strategy can maximize sales opportunities. Identify the right tactics to support your sales and marketing goals. It is well known that a business plan is an essential key to small business success, but where will you layout your sales goals for the year and the strategies and tactics you’ll use to reach them? In your marketing plan, that’s where. If you don’t already have one, use the information in this informative infographic to get your started on identifying all your sales strategies; as well as some helpful tips on what tactics to deploy in order to achieve them.

Source: FastBusinessCanada


The ‘Breaking Bad’ Ripple Effect on Small Business

Executive Vice President EP Financial Solutions Joseph Chianese discusses state incentives for film and TV production with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Social Media Mastery For Small Business – Infographic

Many small businesses are still missing out on the opportunity to do some decent social media marketing, or do a little and get stuck in the middle of it.

Social media marketing is no rocket science and this infographic as a guide is of great help and support for small businesses.  Continue reading

Small Business And Social Media: Facts, Numbers, Tips

Tips for small businesses to expand their social media interaction over the summer. Continue reading

15 Tools Successful Entrepreneurs Use – Infographic

The modern entrepreneur or small business owner has a vast number of online services at their disposal. Some of our most successful experts at Expert Circle have hand-picked a few of their favorite services to get the job done. Continue reading

Social Networks Small/Mid-Sized Businesses Use To Reach Customers – Infographic

Brandify looked at over 20,000 Small and Mid-sized businesses websites to determine what social networks they link to. Have a look: Continue reading

Decade Of Change In Small Business – Infographic

Small Businesses went through a lot of changes and events over the past decade. Marketing and financial planning seemed to have changed the world and many businesses had to endure major struggles. Continue reading

Small Business: Success Using The Internet And Social Media – Infographic

The Internet is a very important and powerful source of revenue growth that some small business owners ares still wary of how to embrace it. Continue reading

Bank Of America Small Business Report – Infographic

Bank of America’s Small Business Owner Report is a semi-annual study exploring the concerns, aspirations and perspectives of small business owners across the country. The spring 2013 Report surveyed a national representative sample of 1,000 small business owners in the United States with annual revenue between $100,000 and $4,999,999 and employing between 2 and 99 employees. Continue reading

How Well Is Your Facebook Page Performing – Infographic

Facebook is one of the hardest marketing segments to understand for small businesses. Lets be honest, many of them don’t understand it at all. One of the things I always notice is the uncertainty of not knowing if the Facebook Page should perform better.
Should we be getting more comments or more Likes based on the size of the fan base? Continue reading

Innovation For Small Businesses – Infographic

In today’s business environment, standing out from the competition and staying ahead is key to future growth. Building innovation into all areas of your business strategy can help strengthen your position. Continue reading

Family Business Is Big Business – Infographic

In the United States, 90% of businesses are family-owned. These businesses play an important role in the lives of involved family members, so it’s important for organizational issues to be resolved quickly. This infographic outlines how a family business consultant can help these types of organizations run more efficiently. Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search: Can It Help Small Businesses? – Infographic

Facebook is looking to become a market leader in the social search. It currently has over 1 billion active users and hopes to expand on this with its latest search option. Our infographic suggests ways in which small businesses can benefit from Graph Search. Continue reading