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The Battle Of The Smartwatches: What They Offer – Infographic

battle-of-the-smartwatch_5250aa1125a00The infographic has some interesting data points that help you compare smartwatches at multiple price points. For example, Pebble offers good value-for-money (although it does not have a camera or a game-changer screen). Similarly, the price difference between established brands, such as Qualcomm and Samsung, is not much. Display technologies and integration with fitness apps, whether through Bluetooth or other modes, are important for smartwatches,. Their importance highlights one of the most critical use cases for smartwatches: tracking fitness activity.

Source: Forbes


Smartwatches: Are They The Future Or Just A Fad?

Greg Harper, president of Harpervision Associates, discusses smartwatch technology. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)