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The Power Of SMS Marketing! Really? – Infographic

Check this infographic and let us know if you think this is true.

If you’re a business owner and have never looked into SMS marketing, chances are you’re missing out on an incredibly lucrative opportunity to reach your customers. Text message open rates hover around 99%, and almost all of those are read within the first 5 minutes. Small businesses and organizations all over the globe are now using targeted, opt-in text messages to land coupons, specials, alerts, and other info right into the hands of their customers. Continue reading

Business And SMS: Getting There – Infographic

Text messaging is now key to business communications. Texting for work is on the rise per a survey RingCentral recently conducted. Nearly 80% of adults text for work and 32% said they’ve even closed a business deal via text!

Source: Visual.ly, RingCentralConnect