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The Football (Soccer) Bucket List – James Martin Blog

These games, and many others, are the best explanation why “Soccer is life”. There are no other sports events that deliver a comparable atmosphere. You can cut the air and what you see will be with you for life. This will hook you to soccer…Read more


Didier Drogba’s knock-out against Norwich. Outsch! Soccer is Life!

All the best to Didier Drogba. I prefer to sit out “Irene”.

The awakening of an American soccer giant – Remember the Cosmos « Soccer is life by The Main Street Analyst

The awakening of an American soccer giant – Remember the Cosmos « Soccer is life by The Main Street Analyst.

Women’s Soccer World Cup Final 2011: Soccer is that good (and brutal)

What a game! The Women Soccer World Cup Final 2011 was an incredible game. Everyone that saw the game today went from one emotional outbreak to another. Pain, disappointment and excitement turned into joy, early celebrations, outbreaks of pride and all the way back to the beginning. At the end, we all sat there with an open mouth and couldn’t believe what just happened.

After two hours of world class soccer and a stunning pk shoot-out, Japan was the new World Champion. For those holding it with the U.S. women, heaven appeared to come down and excitement turned into disbelieve. Those that were holding it with the Japanese were ecstatic Continue reading

The awakening of an American soccer giant – Remember the Cosmos

cosmosThe New York Cosmos put U.S. soccer on the world stage in the 1970s. For those who are old enough to remember, soccer exploded in the United States when Pele, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia and many other international superstars joined the Cosmos in New York City, stunning an American audience and the American sports world.

Since then, soccer grew into a sport played by millions of kids across the country, and U.S. teams became serious contenders in international competition in all age groups and for men and women alike, but Cosmos hasn’t had a team since 1985. The New York Cosmos is now making a comeback and on its way to becoming an expansion team in the MLS. Still infused with flair, fabulousness and the promise of greatness, the club has lost none of its international name recognition or the ability to rally masses around the world, more than any other sports team in the United States. The Cosmos Continue reading

Women’s Soccer World Cup 2011: France – Nigeria 1 – 0

France won the World Cup opener against Nigeria and confirmed their ambitions in this World Cup. The French controlled ball and opponent and were never in danger of losing that control. France will meet Canada on Thursday, June 30th.

Gold Cup – More exciting because of more competitive teams

Today is the day for the U.S. in the final group game against Guadeloupe. The rather disappointing performances of the first two games caused the “Rainbow Press” to fall into all kind of speculation, number crunching, tea leaf reading and other space fillers. It seems that the soccer press had a plan A and the pre written reports are now obsolete. Worse, there is no plan B and the experts are now forced to fall back into speculation and other fear mongering such as what happens if the U.S. is going to lose against Guadeloupe? Please. One could think these reporters have never followed soccer tournaments and are completely unaware of the dynamics that can develop throughout such a competition.

Yes, the U.S. have to win against Guadeloupe. So? They will. For the U.S., the knock-out stages have begun a game earlier as planned. That is a good thing. It wasn’t the first time that a tournament favorite struggled to “manage” group games, and, it wasn’t the last time. From now on it is winning the games, one by one as they come up. This is exactly what is going to happen tonight, the U.S. will win and move on into the next stage. Who they will play, doesn’t matter. It is not going to be Mexico, which is the only serious opponent in this tournament, despite the improvement of other teams. By the way, how well the Mexicans will do in the knock out stages has to be seen. The “fuzzing around” against Cuba and such is over now, a lot of stuff is possible.

It is quite possible that the U.S. is ending up on first place in their group. In all the reported horror scenarios, the fact that Canada wants to qualify is forgotten. They can, with a win against Panama. That would straighten out the table and everything is going to be “normal” again. A lot of smoke about nothing.

In case Panama confirms their improvement, the U.S. will face Jamaica. That’s bad for the Jamaicans, even though they are confident that their game is good enough to make it far. Some reporting suggested that Jamaica is going to go deep in this tournament. Well, that depends on the outcome of the U.S. group.

It is great to see that some teams have improved and became serious contenders in this and future CONCACAF tournaments. That will help improve soccer and the competition in the region. The new normal might be that others can play soccer as well, maybe even better. That’s an experience the Europeans and South Americans make all the time in their regional tournaments. Those that are afraid of losing to other countries can watch other sports that have no foreign competition. One way or the other, they are always “World Champions”, aren’t they? Let’s all stop crying and enjoy better and more competitive soccer.

Soccer is Life!

The New York Cosmos – Why Cosmos can be the best thing that ever happened to U.S. Soccer

As a soccer fan living in New York City, I am very excited to see The New York Cosmos coming back to life. As a matter of fact, I see the Cosmos coming back as the best thing that ever happened to U.S soccer, besides of winning the World Cup. Not only does this create the first serious soccer rivalry in American soccer, Cosmos also has the ability to draw international business attention to American soccer. Not only that, but the opportunity to attract superstars and increase the sports national and international “flair” will dramatically increase. Unlike other major sports in the U.S. such as “football” and baseball, soccer is a sport that is catching Global attention and for U.S. soccer catching that kind of attention would be an incredible business opportunity. That, in the long run, can’t be met by “football” or baseball.

There is of course, as it always is, not only support for the Cosmos comeback. Click here for an example of opposition. This report describes weaknesses of Cosmos such as “they don’t have a team, don’t have players, they might face fierce opposition of the Wilpon’s and the NY Mets”. It also offers a comparison between the past and now, stating, then the Cosmos “were a flash” while today “there has to be something on the field is a must”. The report goes on with “recreating the past doesn’t feed confidence”.

First of all, it is great to understand that the Wilpon family has an interest in an MLS expansion team. That is great news. It is proof that people in the sports business have understood what I stated above: Soccer is an incredible business opportunity with a potential to blow everything ever seen out of the roof. That’s not a negative for Cosmos, that just supports the idea. Besides that, the Wilpon’s face other problems currently and it is not clear how these problems will turn out. Another important point, New York City and surroundings would easily support even three or four MLS clubs.

That the Cosmos have no players and no team is an argument without base. Where is the Wilpon’s team? Or where was the Philadelphia team 4 years ago? Once the MLS becomes comfortable with the Cosmos, and they should quickly, Cosmos will have players and a team ready to debut in the MLS. As far as “something on the field is a must” goes, I agree with that one. That Cosmos can’t be brought back as a “flash” only, is correct. I have confidence that the owners and those that are involved with the Cosmos, know that. I am pretty sure that the time until 2013, or whenever the Cosmos come back will take place, will be wisely used to provide a successful base for the club or franchise.

Cosmos’ “flash” of the past, however, must be used for the franchise and American soccer. Every team in the MLS is busy with trying to create a buzz, Cosmos already has one. It would be foolish not to use such an advantage, by both, Cosmos and the MLS. Cosmos is by far the only name in American soccer that can make money outside the United States, with gear and even with appearance overseas. The “buzz”, combined with good promotion, can fill a stadium in Germany, Italy and many other countries, I would bet on that. At this point, that can’t be said about any other soccer club or franchise in the United States. Soccer, unlike “football”  or baseball is a global attraction and sport. American soccer needs a franchise such as Cosmos. The name would clearly attach international recognition to American club soccer.

A name and “buzz” such as “The New York Cosmos” is interesting for the corporate world, within the United States as well as overseas. If you are afraid of the “flash”, don’t be, this is America, everything good in that kind of business must have one.

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