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The Benefits Of Google+ – Infographic


Google+ is one of the most visited social media platforms. With 500 million users, Google+ can be very beneficial for any business that does social media marketing.

This infographic shows ways on how to take advantage of the platform and improve results. Have a look.

Source: iQuariusMedia


Social Media Marketing: How To Market Successfully On Google+ – Infographic

MarketingSuccesswithGoogle_5230f288aaceeThe world’s second biggest social network, Google+ is about to change the online marketing landscape. Our new infographic, developed from our Google+ Marketing Guide, breaks down the basics of what marketers need to know.

Source: Vocus

Content Sharing: How, When, What And Which Social Network – Infographic



This is an interesting infographic about content sharing on social media.

The project was observing 3 weeks of Mashable content and how, when and what was shared and on which social network. The results are not that surprising, but pretty good and helpful if you want to establish your own posting and content schedule. Have a look.

Source: MediaRun

The Irresistible Rise Of Google Plus – Infographic

An infographic with information on the rise of google plus as a social network and how implementing google authorship can affect your business Continue reading

Twitter’s Seventh Birthday. Now What? – Infographic

As Twitter reaches its seventh birthday and with half of us in GB using social networks, the Ipsos MORI Tech Tracker looks at whether the social network has grown big enough to attain a long life-span. Continue reading


A. Pinterest, The Social Media Platform

Pinterest is a visuals-focused social networking site that allows users to share photographs, videos, and other visual content among themselves. Pinterest describes itself as an online pinboard, and the site is organized, Facebook-style, as pages (each user owning a page); with a page consisting of boards (the equivalent of photo-albums or video collections), each created around a theme; and each board consisting of visual items (the equivalent of photographs, videos, visuals, etc.), referred to as pins. Continue reading


Take the time to learn Google+ and engage with your community here. You’ll see results far beyond what any other social network can offer: both social engagement within Google+, and SEO in Google.


Google+ celebrated nearing the end of its first full calendar year as a social network by publishing this infographic displaying highlights about the network achieved in 2012.


Social Media Sites: Performance, Strengths, Weaknesses – 2012 was one heck of a year for social media. We saw billion dollar acquisitions, bold new designs, and a strong push toward the integration of social media into traditional business processes. The … Continue reading

Facebook World: A World Without Borders – Infographic

We’ve been caught by the Facebook bug too and it prompted us to take an aerial view of the phenomenon. With the massive increase in its user base (above 640 million users on last count), there seems little that can come between the leading social network and world domination. Hope you like it. Continue reading

Social Media: What People Do And Share On Twitter – Infographic

Woke up, fell out of bed…checked my Twitter right away. Sound familiar? The microblogging network is core to many of our digital lives and content consumption habits. But what really goes on in the Twitter world on a given day? One thing is for sure: What happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter, and people use it to send link flying about the web like mad.

Tweeters share photos more than anything else, and pics make up more than a third of all links shared on the social network. Articles make up just 16% of shares, while videos come in at just under 10%. Predictably, YouTube dominates there, making up six in 10 video posts. Among photos, most people share directly from Twitter, while Instagram clocks in at 15%.

These stats come to us via Diffbot‘s new Page Classifier API. The tool, according to Diffbot, can identify the type of content behind any web link. Page Classifier analyzed 750,000 links posted on Twitter to create the infographic below, which gives an interesting high-level snapshot of what we share and how.

Among other interesting findings? Seven percent of tweeted links lead to an error page, while 8% link to a product. Live streamed personal video makes up more than 10% of video shares. Most shared news articles don’t come from CNN, The New York Times or Huffington Post — Indonesian site detik.com actually dominates there, according to Diffbot’s analysis.

Source: Mashable.com, Diffbot

4 tips to motivate your network to share – Emma Dantoft

Twitter / @CHRISVOSS: New Unthink.com Social Net …

Twitter / @CHRISVOSS: New Unthink.com Social Net ….