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Social Networks Small/Mid-Sized Businesses Use To Reach Customers – Infographic

Brandify looked at over 20,000 Small and Mid-sized businesses websites to determine what social networks they link to. Have a look: Continue reading

10 Social Networks to grow Your Personal Brand – Infographic

In the age of the internet Google search results, Facebook and LinkedIn are creating the first impression. Business professionals can’t afford to have a weak or mediocre impression online if they want to be successful in building relationships. Continue reading

How A Video Is Shared Across Social Networks – Infographic

Optimising your social network takes time. To demonstrate this, “The Like Minded” decided to do an infographic showing how a video they created was shared across social networks, giving us all a valuable insight into their social media process. Continue reading

Facebook vs Twitter – Facts – Infographic

We use Facebook and Twitter every day, but did you know the sheer scale of the 2 largest social networks on the planet? Continue reading

How To Manage Your Social Media Marketing Campaign – Infographic

Social Media is an integral component to any successful company’s marketing plan. By interacting on social networks, companies can engage with their current and prospective clients, thus creating personable relationships. Although social media seems simple at first, it is very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of all of the details. This includes when and where to post content, how often to post, and what is appropriate to post on each social network. Continue reading

Social Network Rankings For Apparel Retailers – Infographic

As an online apparel retailer you want to make your site more social. The problem is there is only so much time in a day and you’re not sure which social networks deserve your time and resources. The data below is from thousands of apparel retailers like yourself using the AddShoppers platform. Continue reading

Popular Regional Social Networks Compete With Facebook – Infographic

Where are all the cool kids from the Netherlands hanging out online? Hint: it’s not Facebook. This snack-size infographic shows which regional social networks are popular in different parts of the world. Continue reading

Most Popular Social Networking Sites By Country – Infographic

A map showing the most popular social networking sites by country according to Alexa and Google Trends for Websites traffic data

Facebook with 1 billion active users has established its leadership position in 127 out of 137 countries analyzed. One of the drivers of its growth is Asia that with 278 million users, surpassed Europe, 251 million, as the largest continent on Facebook. North America has 243 million users, South America 142 million. Africa, almost 52 million, and Oceania just 15 million (source: Facebook Ads Platform). In the latest months Zuckerberg’s Army conquered Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Vietnam (update: my data are about visitors, but I’d like to report that Draugiem’s spokeperson told me that they have 1.2 million members in Latvia. Facebook Ads claims 400K members)

In Russian territories there was a long battle between two main local players: V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki. According to Alexa the first is gaining ground and now has 190 million registered users.

In China QZone still dominates the Asian landscape with 552 million users, followed by Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo. Since the latest update QZone has also conquered South Korea.

In Iran, where it’s hard to access Facebook due to state censorship, the leader is Cloob.

Source: Vincos.it


Snapshot: Digital Life In Saudi Arabia – Infographic

How open are people to Brands on Social networks?
Do you have a brand that rocks online? Are you targeting Saudi Arabia or Saudians  to sell your product or to offer your service? there are some facts that you might need to be aware of. Saudi Arabia is a great wide market especially when it comes to the online market there. here are some useful info given by Smart Touch to help you know more about Saudi Arabians and how they are dealing with brands online especially through different social networks platforms. Continue reading

What We Consume In Social Media And The Change In Internet Audience – Infographic

Fan Favorite Runner-up for the 2012 Data Visualization Contest for Nielsen illustrating social media usage.

Source: Megan Hillman, Visual.ly


The Mobile Photo Explosion – Infographic

Photography experienced something of a renaissance when smartphones came along. Far from being dead, apps such as Instagram rejuvenated the artform.

An infographic by Overgram [iTunes link], an app that adds text to Instagram photos, details the evolution of photography from its birth in 1826 to modern-day usage on social networks.

Some interesting tidbits include: Facebook has 10,000 times more photos than the Library of Congress, photos make up 42% of posts on Tumblr and 741 million mobile phones worldwide have “some type of photo capability.” For more on the history of photography, check out the entire infographic, below.

What do you use to take photos? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Mashable.com

The Correlation Between Historic Stock Data And The Sentiment Analysis Of Social Networks – Infographic

Derwent Capital Markets brings you a great infographic here with some great statistical information on the topic of spread betting and twitter sentiment. The infographic shows the correlation between historic stock data and the sentiment analysis of social networks. Proving the correlation between the two gives a good indication for people who wish to take part in spread betting and give them more confidence about certain decisions. They can see that there is a definite correlation between that of sentiment analysis and real life statistics.

Source: Derwent Capital Markets

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How To Research – Infographic

Is it a national and social problem that people don’t know how to research? Social networks have allowed the majority of us to believe information is readily available. Take a look at Yahoo! Answers; these questions are easily searchable via Google, Bing, or any search engine. Type a question in on Yahoo’s homepage search bar and find a solution. Google’s interactive searchbar even does math and conversions for you. The skill itself of “research” has become diluted in it’s meaning.

Source: Visual.ly, inmotionshosting.com


Which Are the Most Social Colleges? – Infographic

Which Are the Most Social Colleges? [INFOGRAPHIC].

Social Media has become pervasive. You use it, we use it, even celebrities and sports stars use it. Companies have begun using it long time ago as well and, naturally, colleges and universities have followed suit.

After all, most of their current or future students are on some social network, so there’s no better way to engage with them. Forget about those old-fashioned bulletin boards and manually-distributed pamphlets!

So how are different colleges and universities doing in the social media world? Check the infographic below to find out if your college is as good at social networking as you are.

Infographic by TopCollegesOnline

Source: Mashable.com


Are In Person Conversations Richer Compared To Online? – Infographic

It’s no great secret that Facebook is the hottest spot for social gathering since Studio 54. Since its launch in 2004, nearly a billion people have flocked to the site.

Facebook and other social media sites have enjoyed stunning popularity over the past several years. By users own reports, however, many don’t seem to be unlocking the full potential of social media as a tool for both social and professional interaction.

A study of North American adults, conducted by Concept Metrics and sponsored by The Marketing Distillery, found people belong to almost two social networks on average. The same people who are rushing to sign up for these networks said they find “real life” interaction to be richer, yet they are not using social media to facilitate face-to-face meetings.

“All of us Internet users are fast becoming social network users with more than 60% of us belonging to an online social network,” JP Clement, founder and CAO of The Marketing Distillery, tells Mashable. “But that social online behavior is not translating to an increase in social behavior offline.”

Check out the infographic, created by The Marketing Distillery, that summarizes the findings of the Concept Metrics study. Then, interact in the comment section and let us know how you use social media as a tool to enrich your life, both socially and professionally.

Source: Mashable.com, The Marketing Distillery, Concept Metrics