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Influence Marketing: Why Social Proof Is Important – Infographic

social-proof--the-art-of-influence-marketing_5251333fc6b10Social proof isn’t just an abstract psychological concept for big marketers – it’s one of only a handful of online marketing methods that works for almost any kind of business. Social proof builds trust and increases conversions which ultimately increases revenue.

Influence marketing can be a powerful tool for marketers, once they find the right influencers. Have a look at this infographic to see what’s behind “social proof” and influence marketing.

Source: SocialProofCreative


Brand Managers: More Than Half Of The Population Expects You On Social



Is Social Media Killing Social?



America’s Most Social Sports Teams – Infographic




Using Kred and Klout averages, we determined the most social teams, and the most social leagues in professional North American sports.

Source: HuffingtonPost/ValaAfshar


Why Mobile Is So Interesting For Marketers – Infographic




As the social advertising market grows to a projected $11 billion by 2017, targeting mobile Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn users has become key to smart social marketing.

Source: UnifiedSocial

The Enterprise War For Social Start-Ups – Infographic



Companies are no longer throwing social media efforts against the wall to see what sticks. Industry leaders recognize that in order to engage consumers at scale, a strategy must be employed.

Many big businesses are buying social start-ups in order to be competitive. Have a look what’s moving

Source: Visual.ly


Creating Good Social Content – Infographic

Everyone is looking to create content that amazes the masses and creates engagement and recognition on social media platforms. Very often, because of time limitations and other pressures, we lose oversight of our postings. Continue reading

Latinos on the Road: A Social and Mobile Ride – Infographic

Social Lens Research and  MocoSpace recently teamed up to understand how Latinos—America’s fastest-growing, highly mobile and social consumers—are hitting the road! Continue reading

Interesting: The Top 20 Most Social CMOs – Infographic

The Top 20 Most Social CMOs – Some Expected To Pop Up Here, Some Not

The study revealed that the following individuals have social influence which distinguishes them from their peers. Continue reading

Twitter Music Makes Songs Social

The new Twitter Music app for iPhone helps you discover music by scanning tweets for music mentions, then displays trending and emerging artists in a beautiful interface.

What To Expect From An Online Presence With WordPress – Infographic

This is an infographic about WordPress. By adapting high quality WordPress templates, it means that you can have a professional looking website for a fraction of the cost of a bespoke design site without compromising on quality, although of course, unique designs can be developed for your business. Continue reading

Digital Marketing: Wasting Your Budget By Not Using Social Influencers – Infographic

The place where businesses struggle to find a safe way to invest their money is in the realm of word of mouth advertising, engaging and employing those people who can effectively influence their audiences in the marketplace. As this info graphic shows, influencers in social media have the potential to direct market behavior among their peers and beyond. What most research doesn’t show, is how to effectively take advantage of that. This info graphic fills in some of those blanks. Continue reading

Who’s Sharing What: Social Sharing in 2013 – Infographic

We’re discussing the latest trends in social sharing: the ecosystem gets busier and busier, and now everybody seems to share (and overshare) stuff all day within their social graph. We tried to zoom out as much as possible for you to be able to see the whole picture: the state of social sharing in the beginning of 2013 and everything you need to know about its eight major players. Continue reading

Must Do: Activate Your Social Influencers And Advocates – Infographic

If you are not taking advantage of your influencers and advocates, you are wasting valuable resources. This is an important read for every business active on social media. Here is a guide on how to activate your social advocates and influencers. Continue reading

The Changing Landscape Of Media: Social, Digital, Traditional – Infographic

How has usage of media shifted as the country becomes more technologically savvy and socially inclined? Continue reading