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LandlordStation: Innovative Software For Small Property Managers — http://t.co/yyAVMCbNWz via @Dwolla cc: @LandlordStation — SocialSteamr (@SocialSteamr) September 12, 2013

Application Programming Interface: The API – Infographic


“API’s are how we are going to build software in the future, we are just going to glue it together”.  –  John Musser, founder of ProgrammableWeb

Seems everyone is talking about API’s and a lot of people still don’t know what it is and what it does.

Here is an infographic that gives you a basic and general look and some idea on why it is important.

Source: SmartFile

Apple’s Selling Point Is Software Elegance

Howard Ward, chief investment officer at Gamco Investors, talks with Tom Keene about how Apple’s unique hardware is secret to their success. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Apple Might Continue To Dominate The Market; With Software And Services – Infographic

Apple will continue to dominate the device space not by changing the look of the devices (outside of the iPad), but by focusing on what we do with those devices.

Source: Visual.ly, modulr.com



Business: Best Tools For Freelancers – Infographic

There are 42 million freelancers in the U.S. alone. Although the beauty of being a part of this large group is that you can call your own shots — from having a flexible schedule to picking the best workspace for your style — juggling multiple projects at once is no easy task.

With so many tech tools and apps on the market that promise to get work-life balance in order, software and app recommendations company BestVendor polled 100 freelancers and put together an infographic of some of the most favored apps used by the group.

It’s no surprise that freelancers tend to rely on cloud-based apps, which allow flexibility in storing and grabbing files on the go. Among the top 25 apps on the list include Dropbox, Google Analytics, Gmail, Evernote and Hootsuite.

Meanwhile, some emerging favorites include expense report app Expensify, to-do list app Remember the Milk and Jing, which captures and shares anything you see on a computer screen as an image or short video.

For a full look at which tools are top of mind among freelancers, check out the list below.

What are some of your favorite work-related apps? Share them in the comments below.

Source: Mashable.com, BestVendor


How Dictation Software Can Improve Your Workflow And Retirement Savings – Infographic

We all know the pen is mightier than the sword, but for 21st-century storytellers, the voice could be the one tool to rule them all. With speech-recognition software such as Siri and Dragon Naturally Speaking becoming more widely available to users, it’s time to ask yourself: How can I improve my workflow with dictation tools?

A new infographic from Carissa Newark of accountingdegree.net lays out just how much faster you can get work done with these tools, which can process information three times faster when compared to average-speed typing. It’s a great advantage for writers, especially those of us who may never type as fast as record holder Sean Wrona, who recently clocked a key-smacking velocity of 256 wpm at the Ultimate Typing Championship.

For now, dictation tools top out at a speed that’s about as fast as most of us can talk, but imagine if these tools could actually keep up with some of the world’s greatest speed-speakers? Guinness World record holder Steve Woodmore would need just over three hours to complete a 120,000 word novel using dictation tools that could keep up with him and his 637 wpm speed, or just over 10 words per second. We lowly plebes here at Mashable are probably closer to the average speaker at two words per second.

Source: Mashable.com, accountingdegree.net