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The Enemies Of The Internet – Infographic

If you think that identity theft is the worst-case-scenario of Internet use, you clearly don’t live in any of the nations that make the list of top “Enemies of the Internet.” Not only do these governments monitor their citizens’ web activity, but they also make it nearly impossible for them to safely share and gather information through anonymous microblogs, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. One nation sports a cyber police force that is larger than the city of Orlando, Florida. And when protests erupted in another country, Twitter accounts were created for the sole purpose of diverting citizens from spreading information. Although these nations represent the extremes of national cybersecurity, the measures they use are based in legislative bills like SOPA, PIPA and CISPA. Check out the following infographic to find out which nations make this list. The next time you surf the web, think carefully about who’s watching you and who’s blocking you.

Source: OpenSite.org

Lawrence Lessig: Don’t want another SOPA – Get money out of politics


SOPA – Lists of Supporters

If you take a look at the list of SOPA supporters you would believe you are in a bad dream. It is absolutely mind bugging how some companies, and associations, got the idea to back this. Take a look at this and, if you can, consider someone else for your needs.

This is an election year. It is appropriate to make people understand who is the “Chief Backer of SOPA”. Continue reading

SOPA? Yeah, my … Let’s talk straight

For a while we are reading about SOPA and all the nonsense around it. Companies make fools of themselves for supporting it and the public is concerned of what is behind it and what can really happen should it be signed. My lawyer girlfriend suggested to give all the details of this bill, but I refuse to do that. Let’s talk straight and easy about it and use a few easy examples for everyone to understand.

First of all, if SOPA would be in place already, YOU would be a criminal. Yes, me too. Being on the Internet would make you most likely a criminal. Continue reading

Victory for SOPA Opponents: DNS Blocking Struck From Bill

Victory for SOPA Opponents: DNS Blocking Struck From Bill.

Mashable Article, 01/13/2012

The author of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) announced Friday that he will remove the DNS-blocking provisions of the bill…Read More

GoDaddy – PR blunder and desperate need to stay in line…