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Social Media: Soccer Beats “Football” In Popularity – Infographic

Americans love their football. Brits love their football, too. Thing is, they love different footballs. Americans love the football that involves a pigskin, gridiron and crushing body blows between 300-pound behemoths. Brits, and pretty much the rest of the world, love the football that’s also known as futbol, futebol or — in the States — soccer.

But how do the respective footballs match up on social media? A comparison of the NFL and English Premier League yields some interesting results as both seasons begin to get under way. While the NFL’s official league pages dominate their EPL counterparts on Facebook and Twitter, EPL clubs’ global appeal appears to give them an big advantage when matched up against top NFL franchises.

On Facebook, the EPL’s Manchester United rules all with about 27 million fans, while London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal each top 11 million. The NFL’s top team on Facebook, meanwhile? The Dallas Cowboys, with just over 5 million Likes. On Twitter, the EPL’s Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all top a million followers, but no NFL teams have yet cracked 500,000.

While the EPL’s major clubs — which play exhibition matches around the world and compete in the annual international Champions League — have incredibly strong global brands, social numbers suggest that the NFL has higher popularity as a league. The NFL’s official Facebook and Twitter pages total a combined following of about 10 million users, while the equivalent EPL accounts total about 2 million followers.

The following infographic put together by Confused.com gives a visual representation of how the two football leagues compare on social media. Check it out for fuller picture, then let us know in the comments — why do you think the NFL rates higher as a leagued, but EPL teams kick the most individual butt?

Source: Mashable.com, confused.com


Largest Payouts In Sports – Infographic

In most sports, the big money is in the personal contracts. But there is still a lot of prize money to be had for the victors in tournaments and other official events. Even the losers can walk away with millions. We’ve broken down the payments for the ten highest paying sporting events, based on a list compiled by Forbes.

Source: Visual.ly


How The Indy 500 Turned Into Social Media 500 – Infographic

With a final-lap finish and poignant win by Dario Franchitti months after good friend and fellow driver Dan Wheldon was killed in an on-track accident, this weekend’s Indy 500 auto race was one for the ages.

But how did the event play out on social media?

Franchitti was the big winner there, too. He was mentioned nearly 30,000 times by fans on Twitter during the Indy 500 weekend. The next most mentioned driver, Takuma Sato, didn’t even break 8,000.

Franchitti also added more than 4,700 Twitter followers over the course of the weekend. Brazilian driver Rubens Barrichello, however, got the biggest boost in followers, adding more than 16,000 to his total number. Tony Kanaan, Marco Andretti and James Hinchcliffe also added more than 1,500 followers apiece. Josef Newgarden saw the biggest bump on Facebook, increasing his audience there by nearly 30%.

Overall, the Indy 500 generated about 210,000 tweets from fans and media. Not surprisingly, the American audience was most engaged — almost 90% of tweets were in English, and 75% came from the United States. When did fans take to Twitter most? After crashes. Six accidents caused big spikes in Twitter action…Read More

Source: Mashable.com, ExactTarget

Why you need a Fitness Coach when you go to the Gym!

Pole Dancing is Top Athletic Performance

By chance, while reading a news website, I saw a link to a video about pole dancing. Nosy as I am, I thought let’s take a look at this. What I saw made me watch that video with an open mouth. Not for the reason you might think right now. Yes, I do admit that a pole dancing video is of immense erotic expression, but it took not more than 3 seconds to understand that this is high performance athletics.

Currently there is a discussion going on on whether pole dancing is a sport or not. I think the discussion is a waste of time. The answer is a clear yes. I was a professional athlete myself (soccer) and at one point in my life, many decades ago, I was in outstanding shape. However, I would have never been able to put a performance up such as these pole dancers do. And I bet, there is not a single guy in professional soccer, football, basketball, hockey or baseball that is able to come close to such physical abilities. With that said, you have the answer why pole dancing is a sport. No discussion needed.

Not only since recently, many fitness studios are offering pole dancing as a class and there is a good number of interested people, male and female. That is a clear indication that the sport is on the right way and is growing. Hopefully pole dancing will succeed and will be acknowledged as more as the first, or old, impression. The athlete’s deserve this.

The most of us are guilty to judge pole dancing by its perception in public, including me. At least I was, until I gave it a real thought. Sexual expression or motivation? Well, maybe some of the athletes in pole dancing have that in mind and want to show off their impact on others, but which other professional athlete doesn’t? Look at the pro’s in other sports, some of them believe they are the greatest erotic presentation since… who knows what. There are countless athlete’s that are followed by a screaming crowd, just because they can run a whole into a wall. If that is legitimate, then pole dancing should be acknowledged as well, no question.

I think it is going to be a ridiculous discussion until, at one point, this sport will be seriously established, without the unnecessary side link to a strip club or worse.

Check this video from YouTube: