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Gareth Bale could join every European top club – Spurs star looking for international competition

Bale future could be elsewhere – Fox Soccer

Gareth Bale is one of the major stars in the Barclay’s English Premier League. While he is certainly proud to play for Wales, the fact doesn’t help his international career. Not being able to play at the big tournaments like a World Cup or the European Championship must be a major bummer for him. It is a similar situation like the one for Ryan Giggs, Manchester United’s superstar for almost 20 years. While he experienced the same faith with the National Team, Giggs is Welsh like Bale, he played in a top team and had plenty of international exposure.

There is nothing wrong with Bales checking on his possibilities to join a club that is playing for glory in the Champions League. Bale has quality to offer and would fit into the top teams in Europe. Bale leaving Spurs would be a major loss for the ambitions of Tottenham and could certainly put a stop on their efforts to establish a presence in the Champions League.

It has to be seen how Spurs can compete over the last few games and what eventually the outcome will be. After looking like a major competitor for third place in the Premier League, their hotness cooled down substantially. Inexperience and the continued rumors that Harry Redknapp will drop Spurs for the England job, ruined a promising campaign for Spurs.


Van der Vaart willing to stay at Spurs…

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Chelsea and a New Start

According to AVB, Chelsea is now out for the title race in the Barclay’s English Premier League. One could now be a smart a.. and ask “what took you so long”? Well, he is right, there is no reason for Chelsea to discuss anything about the top two spots in the league. It is much more appropriate to take a look at third place and think of the opportunities in that matter. Continue reading

Harry is going for it…

Carlos Tevez at Spurs?

This can’t be of serious consideration. Why would Spurs put everything they build in jeopardy with a Carlos Tevez buy? Can’t see it. There are better ways to make the headlines. Don’t spend that kind of money just to speculate, go and get a real cracker from Real Madrid or Barca.

No Spurs players on the market in January…

Barclay’s English Premier League: Excitement pure!

Soccer fans these days are spoiled with excitement pure. Not only “The Battle of Spain” between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is causing sleepless nights, but the Barclay’s English Premier League will now extend the explosive time, at least for a few days and hopefully longer.

Manchester United’s loss at Arsenal and Chelsea’s win against Spurs created an incredible exciting situation three rounds before the end of season. United is now leading the league with 73 points, followed by Chelsea with 70 points. A one game situation. On top of this, this coming Sunday, United and Chelsea meet at Old Trafford, for a game that now has the same explosive character as the “El Clasico” in Spain. Should Chelsea be able to win in Manchester, we will all have two more weeks of the English version of El Clasico excitement.

For Arsenal, in 3rd place, a Chelsea win would be a welcomed chance to get back into the game for the title. The gunners, currently sitting on 67 points, could sneak up on the top two with a win at Stoke City. The win against United should help the gunners to gain back there confidence and at least defend 3rd place and secure Champions League participation without the qualifying round. That is a spot that is eyed by Manchester City as well. Currently 4th, the Citizens have a game on hand that will be played next week Tuesday. A win could take them within reach to Arsenal.

Spurs will most likely have to settle for Europa League after losing to Chelsea. The game on hand will take place at Manchester City and from today’s view, it might be a difficult task to “keep the ball rolling”. With Liverpool winning game after game, even 5th place is in jeopardy. Spurs and Liverpool both are sitting with 55 points and the battle for 5th seems to be as fierce as the battle for championship. Quite possible that the face off at Anfield Road on May 15th will decide over Spurs faith. After all their accomplishments this season, it would be heart break to see them fall off the international stage.

In the relegation zone six teams are left to battle out the three “losers” of the year: West Ham (32), Wolves (34), Wigan (35), Blackpool (35), Blackburn (38) and Birmingham (39). Sunderland, Villa and Newcastle with 41 points might need another point or two to be save. West Ham with 32 points can’t afford to leave one point on the table in the last three games. If the schedule of the last three games is of any indication, West Ham, Blackpool, Wigan,Wolves and Blackburn will battle out three relegation places.

Barclay’s English Premier League: Status of top 5 after Round 30

It’s time to take a look at the status of the Premier League after 30 rounds and before the Euro 2012 qualifier break. As far as the top 5 concerns, not too much has changed. There are still the same 5 teams fighting for the title and European glory. The difference is, the competition became more fierce and and the field came closer together. Liverpool, due to the much increased performance since Kenny Dalglish took over, Fernando Torres left and Suarez and Carroll joined the team, has a shot at 5th place, maybe 4th. That is an incredible accomplishment, considering the status of the club in January.Take a look at my post from January 10th.

Manchester United is still the team to beat. While the times of “unbeatable” are over, the team avoided to get sacked when the times became a little harder after the first losses. Sir Alex Ferguson and the experience of the entire team kept them on top of the league. So far, they were even able to compensate for injuries of key players, another sign of the healthy structure of the roster and Sir Alex’s outstanding work. As it stands right now, Manchester United is the top favorite for the Championship. Next game: @ West Ham

Arsenal remains the main hunter at this point. Five points behind and a game on hand means they can reduce the point difference to two points and make it a one game competition. While they had and have there own small crisis, they were able to take advantage of the competition’s dynamics (United finally got beaten) and sneak up on United. Arsenal is “free” of other worries, since the Premier League is the only remaining opportunity for a titel this season. While the gunners don’t like this fact, it might be an advantage for the remaining 9 games, considering they have a few injury issues with important players. On the sideline, the gunners created a stunner with reactivating Jens Lehmann, due to a major injury misery on the goalie position. Looking at Manuel Almunia’s form, it might even be possible that Lehmann appears in the first team before the end of the season. Everything is possible. Next game: Home against Blackburn Rovers

Chelsea just pushed Manchester City from 3rd place this past weekend. They are now a point ahead of the citizens and present themselves in outstanding condition. The past performances didn’t leave a lot of opportunity for the critics. The win over Manchester City was deserved and accomplished in a classy way. In this condition, it is fair to say they might have a chance to win the championship. Fernando Torres still hasn’t scored, but with other players able to hit the net, they can score at any time. At this point, the only thing that can derail them, is themselves. Some of the players are not too happy with the situation, namely Torres, Drogba and Anelka. Neither one of them is happy with the current situation of limited playing time. Also, the club owner was seen with a sweet and sour face after Torres’ substitution against City this past weekend. Good for Carlo Ancelotti that the game was won, after the substitution. Next game: @ Stoke

Manchester City is, in my opinion, kind of a bummer. Considering the names and the quality of the roster, it is next to ridiculous what the actual performance is. Last week they had to excuse themselves from the Europa League and right after

that from 3rd place in the Premier League as well. I actually thought, in January and February, they will take a very close look at the championship, but since then the tendency is much more downwards. It seems the spending spree will not pay-off and even champions league qualification is questionable. Their immediate competition for the champions league qualification somehow is displaying a much better oiled engine. City seems to have to many “construction areas”. While there is a lot of work to do in integrating all these purchases, it also appears they acquired some unrest with Ballotelli. That one is known for his escapades and Mancini needs to keep an eye on this bird. At this moment, it looks like a struggle for the citizens and even 4th place is questionable. What might help them to secure 4th place is the difficult schedule of Spurs in the last games. Home against Sunderland

Spurs have again delivered an outstanding season. They represented themselves in the champions league as an outstanding and grown soccer team. Harry Redknapp has done an outstanding job in creating an international competitor. I am excited to see them against Real Madrid and I am convinced Spurs will give Real a run for their money. In the Premier League the remaining schedule is a though one. Mid May will determine Spurs’ faith. On 4/16 they play ManC in Manchester and then on 4/20 have Arsenal for a make up game. One thing is for sure, if it doesn’t work for them, the championship will be decided by Spurs. Except Manchester United, they have to play everyone of the top 6 in their remaining games. Those that lose against Spurs, will lose their championship and Europe, one way or the other, ambitions. While I have doubt’s that Spurs can master that schedule, I will cross my fingers for them. From what I see, they created a lot of friends and the team’s and coaches’ work deserves champions league next season. @ Wigan

Barclay’s English Premier League: Review Round 30, 1st day – Arsenal falls over Almunia

The clubs in the premier league are faced off in round 30. The bringer in the round is the clash for 3rd place: Chelsea against Manchester City on Sunday. The citizens are motivated to make up for the embarrassment from this week’s Europa league blunder and don’t intend to give up Champions league guarantee.

Manchester United won their game against Bolton, with lots of determination, patience and Berbatov. Even a red card for Evans 15 minutes before time couldn’t stop United to go for a winner. Bolton performed very well, but, while still having opportunities, lost courage after Evans’ red card. With a little more “greed” and pressure with a man more on the field, who knows the outcome.

Arsenal struggled against West Brom and couldn’t take all three points home. Goalie Almunia, obviously with a mental problem because Lehmann is back, helped West Brom to a 2-0 lead. With the courage of despair, the gunners saved a point. Spurs faced hammers and lost two important points in their campaign to rise into the top 4. The savior for the hammers was Robert Green, who delivered an excellent performance. At the end a 0-0 stood in a good game with opportunities on both sides.

Wigan beat Birmingham while Wolves secured a win at Aston Villa. Both needed the points desperately and kept themselves in the race for a place above the relegation line. Other, Stoke – Newcastle 4-0 and Blackburn – Blackpool 2-2. At Goodison Park, Everton won 2-1 against Fulham.

UEFA Champions League – Draw creates excitement for supporters!

The draw of the champions league quarterfinal created some excitement for soccer fans around the world. The premier league clubs Chelsea and Manchester United face off for a battle of England. Alone this set-up is promising soccer at its finest. No less excitement for the third English club in the competition: Spurs are facing Real Madrid! And, they were lucky, the first game is in Madrid. Spurs have a great chance to advance into the semis. While Real is a great team and getting better every month, they are still everything else than solid in defense. Of all the attractive opponents, this is the best Spurs could get. A great name and no further motivation needed and a chance to win. Paradise for every coach and player. Good luck, Spurs!

Barca drew the, on paper, least attractive opponent for the quarter-final. Donetsk is not necessarily a cracker in European soccer. However, they are dangerous and can give Barca lots of trouble. The outcome of this duel is not as clear as it looks like. The first game is played in Barcelona and that is an advantage for the Russians. Barca needs to be ready for a “hot dance”.

While Bayern Munich is probably in tears at this moment, Inter Milan is smiling all over their face. They clearly, if that can be said of a quarter-final, drew the easiest team in the pott. Schalke at this stage, is not a team that can create fear. With all the troubles from the past week and the way things in Schalke go after such events, they will still be trying to force themselves out of the “chicken stable” they put themselves in to. There chance is the goalie Neuer and a goal from Raul. Without those two doing magic, they have no chance.

Inter Milan will make the semi-final and most likely Barca. The two other games are completely open. Awesome!

Spurs advance in to Champions League Quarterfinal! AC Milan couldn’t match Spurs passion and willpower.

Spurs are the first Premier League team to advance into this year’s Champions League quarterfinal. Adding loads of passion and willpower to their playing abilities, Spurs fought off AC Milan’s efforts to make up for a 1-0 loss at home. Strong defending and keeping the Italians honest with own attacks were the recipe for Harry Redknapp’s team.

AC Milan is not just a football team, the team is the current leader in the Italian Serie A and has several top class players. Spurs can be proud of their accomplishments over the past 1 1/2 years and yesterday’s performance leaves supporters hopeful for the coming tasks internationally and in the Barclay’s English Premier League.

Harry Redknapp and Spurs have nothing to fear in this competition. Everything on top of what is already accomplished is considered sensational and exceeding the expectations. Even if the Spurs meet Barca in the quarterfinal, the ball is round and you never know what happens.

Spurs now need to take the momentum into the coming games in the Premier League and stay in touch with their opponents for next years Champions League qualification.

Barclay’s English Premier League: Round 29, It gets thougher!

It gets though in the Barclay’s English premier League. There are no more easy games anymore. Ask Spurs. After an exciting game at Wolves with both teams going for the win, points were shared. 3-3. Defoe scored goal number 1 and 2 for this season, finally. Wolves turn into a though bite for the top teams. Clearly, Wolves presentation deserves results and if they can keep their form, they should be able to pass on relegation to someone else.

On the way up are “The New Hammers”. 3-0 against Stoke. No questions were asked by Stoke. Ba, da Costa and Hitzlsperger scored. Clear trend for the Hammers, up!

In Birmingham on the other hand, a hang-over has taken over. 1-3 loss against West Brom and taking position on a relegation spot. There must be a huge performance boost for City to avoid deep trouble. Yes, two games on hand, but those are for sure no sure wins. Better get the points before those games are played. They play in Europe next year, but might also play in the second “fiddel” in England.

Manchester City played Wigan at home and had a lot of trouble and work to secure the points with a 1-0 win. Wigan played an outstanding game and City left the field lucky to have the so important points. One can feel really bad for Wigan, playing well, but not getting results in.

The Clash of the Giants took place in Liverpool and found a deserved winner in the Kops. 3-1 was the result in a match that Liverpool controlled for the most part. Only after halftime had United a few minutes when they tried to turn the match around. Kuijt with three goals was the hero in Liverpool.

Arsenal had to face uncomfortable Sunderland and had their hands full. A number of  opportunities wasn’t enough for the Gunners, Sunderland took a point. Arshavin scored a regular goal, but the linesman saw offside. Saturdays game wasn’t a confidence booster for the game against Barca this week. The Gunners will have to find a way to keep Barca in check, somehow.

Also, Newcastle United – Everton 1-2 and Bolton – Aston Villa 3-2 and Fulham – Blackburn 3-2.

On Monday Chelsea is visiting Blackpool and a win is needed to stay in touch with the top three. On the other hand, Blackpool needs the points as well in order to avoid more trouble in their relegation battle. Chelsea is hoping to see Torres’ first goal for Chelsea and win.

The number of teams that are involved in relegation has increased by one. Newcastle, with today’s loss, has joined the group and is just six points clear of relegation.

Gattuso and Flamini – AC Milan representatives.

>> Yesterday I watched the much anticipated game between AC Milan and Tottenham. To my surprise, I had to realize that Spurs were actually controlling the game. Over the course of the EPL, I was always under the impression that Spurs are the team that is running out of gas and will lose touch to the TOP 4 in England. Well, who knows, they might be able to keep this up. Success carries, so they say.

With that out of the way, lets talk about the bad news. As the game went on, I became angrier by the minute. Not because Spurs played so well, but because of the way how some of the Milan players tried to save their behinds. Gennaro Gattuso must be mentioned as well as the french Flamini. Both are very well known for their ability to take the game to some unwanted levels, with fouls and with absolute ridiculous actions as in Gattuso’s case. In the process, the latter made a complete fool of himself, running physical attacks against players and Spurs’ Assistant Coach, Joe Jordan. For me, Gattuso’s way to handle things are a disgrace. Complete disrespect towards others and demonstration of complete loss of reality. If you haven’t realized it, I am holding back my real thoughts about this fool (Gattuso). He should be taken out of this competition for life and should be signed up for a serious mental health program including anger management.

His team mate Flamini on the other hand delivered an absolute brutal foul and only saw yellow for it. I wonder what that referee and his colleges were thinking. These days they have 6 officials in the champions league, connected with each other.  It is not getting any clearer what the intention was, at least not for someone who has somewhat of an idea about soccer. My attention is focused on the UEFA and the actions taken to protect players from some underdeveloped ….. I would be quite astonished, if there wouldn’t be any action taken.

Spurs, keep it up and watch out in the second leg. Milan might actually try to play soccer. And if they do, there might be a lot of work coming up.