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Social Media: Important Stats And Facts – Infographic

social-media-2013Social media became important to all of us over the past few years. It refined the way we communicate, how businesses market their products and services, how we receive our daily doses of information and it created hundreds and thousands of new other ways we do things.

This infographic shows why social media and its platforms is so important. Have a look at the stats and facts.

Source: Mantas Malukas

What To Know About LinkedIn: 22 Amazing Stats And Facts – Infographic



Did you know that there are 1.5 million groups on Linkedin? That’s 1.5 million different business niches represented among the 238 million Linkedin Users. That gives any B2B marketer a great opportunity to find and market to their target market on Linkedin.

Source: Wishpond

Twitter By The Numbers: 20 Stats And Facts – Infographic

infographic-20-amazing-twitter-stats_5213d60e1a22bDid you know Twitter is already 7 years old? And most small businesses are still quite new to it.

If you’re on the fence about whether Twitter is worth your time, take a look. As Twitter expands on its ad platform, small businesses will have more opportunity to capitalize on its graph of user information. With over 200 million active monthly users, it will be hard to ignore its potential to reach new customers.

Source: Wishpond

Mobile Retail: Stats, Facts And Mobile Behavior – Infographic



In today’s retail industry, it is becoming ever more apparent that retailers must be ready to join the mobile revolution. Mobile is becoming increasingly more accessible for the consumer and so should be a retailers first port of call for their marketing efforts.

This infographic gives some insights into stats, facts and mobile customer behavior. Have a look

Source: Dynmark.com

Social Currency: Social Media Stats And Facts – Infographic

the-effect-of-social-media-on-commerce_51dc7f46cc7d4The use of social media platforms is growing at an exponential rate. To be exact, within the past 7 seven years the use of social media has grown 365 percent.

Everyday millions and millions of people are expressing their feeling and experiences about products and services through social media. Therefore many companies are focusing their attention on social commerce. Check the infographic and see why

Source: Fedelta

Content Marketing: How To Convince Your Boss – Infographic


Content is King!

Here we have some pretty convincing content marketing stats collected from various studies across the web.

With content becoming ever important in today’s marketing arena, it can be a little hard to get old school bosses to invest. Check the stats and facts to help the cause. Your boss won’t be able to resist:

Source: FatJoe

WordPress Becomes 10: Facts And Stats – Infographic

What began 10 years ago as a fork of the blogging software b2 grew within a decade up to the biggest and most important Content Management System (CMS) and blogging tool in the world. WordPress is a grown-up, but still growing. We celebrate this event with an infographic. Have a look: Continue reading

All About Blogging: Stats, Facts, Demographics, More – Infographic

A visualization of ‘The Rise of Blogging’, detailing momentous advancements and prominent figures in the Blogosphere. Continue reading

B2B Content Marketing On The Rise – Infographic

Our friends over at MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute recently released The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America. It’s a fascinating report revealing insights into how B2B marketers are using content marketing techniques and the biggest challenges they face. The results reveal that B2B marketers are spending more, using more tactics, and distributing their content on more social networks than they have in the past. Another standout from the survey found that 90% of respondents are doing some form of content marketing, but are not necessarily doing it correctly. The following infographic provides a visual interpretation of the most revealing stats from the report. It clearly shows us that content marketing is not a fad and will continue to be a driving force for marketers, while at the same time indicating that the majority are still struggling to find a process that works for them and are having trouble garnering buy in from the C-suites.

Source: Marketo Blog, Visual.ly


Mobile Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind – Infographic

Mobile Marketing is the future of business. Smartphones and tables are on the rise. A recent study provided clear proofs that mobile users will take more action when reached correctly using the right strategies.

We live in an interconnected world where 4 billion users use a mobile device.

One of the most important factor here is a responsive web design that will give users the same experience they can have on their desktop.

We have compiled an awesome Infographic to represent all the mobile marketing stats in one single document.

Source: Smartmediatips

China: Stats, Facts, Economy – Infographic

The end of WWII marked the birth of China as we know it today. After the Second World War, a civil war broke out between the once-allied Chinese and Japanese. In the end, Communism prevailed and the People’s Republic of China was born in 1949. Want to learn more about China and its people? Check out these important facts and figures.

Source: Visual.ly

Numbers Around Smartphones And Apple’s iPhone 5 Launch – Infographic

Stats and facts around the impact smartphones have had on the world. It is estimated that Apple will sell $250 million iPhone 5 units, generating $144 billion in revenue, $77 billion in gross profit and $27 billion in net income.

Source: Visual.ly, Protect Your Bubble