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Social Media: Building Your Audience – Infographic



Here are some simple strategies and tips to make your social media presence grow. Remember that social media success doesn’t happen over night; be committed to do it properly and the ROI will come.

Source: Digital Information World

The New Online Coupon Strategy for 2013 – Infographic

As retailers use new technology to interact with potential customers, the strategies of finding and using online coupons has fundamentally changed. This infographic is designed to help consumers understand these changes. Continue reading


Using Facebook for social media marketing is a powerful measure and can deliver outstanding results. there are different ways and strategies on how Facebook can be used. This infographic by Ebriks shows a few options, easy to follow. Visit Ebriks … Continue reading


Video And Your Marketing Strategy – You know you need video on your website, right? You know “everybody” watches videos online, right? You know that having videos can improve your credibility with your clients and improve sales and all that … Continue reading


Content Marketing has seen a tremendous surge in popularity over the past two years. It has gone from industry buzzword to an indispensable part of marketing strategies, big and small. But how are marketers approaching and measuring their strategies? The … Continue reading

New Strategies For The New Year? Don’t Forget To Look Back – Infographic

It’s the start of a new year, and with the new year come new resolutions and new plans to make 2013 better than 2012. But as you stand resolutely prepared to charge into the new year with your benchmarks and bottom lines, pause a moment and look back at what got you to this point: Last Year’s Data.
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Strategies For Successful Mobile App Marketing – Infographic

The holiday season screams opportunity for mobile app marketers. It may indeed be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it’s also the most competitive time of the year. So, Fiksu teamed with Localytics to help marketers weigh the best strategies for sprucing up their apps for the holidays, cost-efficiently promoting them, and securing large amounts of engaged, loyal users – during the holidays as well as into the first few months of the new year.

Source: Fiksu, Visual.ly


What’s Your Mobile Development Path? – Infographic


Choosing the right path for mobile app development is a very important decision, and it can involve multiple approaches based on the app and your target audience. To help get a better understanding of the options and benefits of different mobile app dev strategies, we’ve created this helpful infographic that you’re free to view and share.

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Social Media: Becoming More And More Relevant By The Day – Infographic

The social-media revolution is just beginning, and companies need to develop their strategies or risk getting left behind. If your company deals with consumers, you MUST have a social media presence now. And even if you are a B2B company, social media is becoming more and more relevant by the day.

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Quick Start Guide For Social Marketing On The Big 3 – Infographic

5 Killer Strategies To Dominate The Big 3 – Facebook, Twitter and You Tube!

This serves as a best practice guide for marketers. We examine each platform and share five strategies marketers can apply to guarantee success for increasing brand awareness, fostering brand advocacy and generating leads and sales. Use this infographic as a quick-start guide for social marketing on the Big 3!

Source: Social Nomics