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Supercommittee Fails to Identify Even Bogus Cuts – Lots of Wing-Flapping for Nothing

Supercommittee Fails to Identify Even Bogus Cuts: Caroline Baum – Bloomberg.

Considering the ridiculous wing-flapping back in August, why would we expect this committee come up with a different result? It is not that different people with other interests were called up to find a solution.

One is under the impression that this “circus” was installed to win time to get closer to the big target, the elections next year. As it stands, no solution is what the Republicans need. That would give the opportunity to unload all the blame on the Democrats and Obama. This has been dragged out for so long, a solution now or in the next few months would almost “kill” the Reps chances to win the election.


S&P Keeps AA+ up

Obama Blames GOP for Deficit Panel Failure

Obama Blames GOP for Deficit Panel Failure – Bloomberg.

There is no problem with Obama blaming the GOP for this. The GOP will turn this thing around and blame the Democrats for it. The fact is, we have guys sitting in D.C. making decisions that are not in our and the country’s interest. This is not acceptable. Everywhere else all these “moonshine barkers” would be out of business for a miserable performance such as this. The “super committee” turns out to be more like another real lame duck.


Another failure


U.S. supercommittee ready to announce failure | http://t.co/BETSdAzC — Bloomberg Business (@business) November 21, 2011


'Management by committee' is an oxymoron. It's no surprise the debt deadline will likely be missed. @HedgeyeDJ http://t.co/jGqzwAKt — Fortune (@FortuneMagazine) November 18, 2011

Devastating cuts if super committee fails

‘Devastating’ cuts if super committee fails – Nov. 4, 2011.