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Marketing, Social Media: 2013 Digital Tactics – Infographic

2013 brings about tremendous change in technology, and consumer behavior. Digital strategists and designers must understand the pros and cons of many new tactical decisions they’ll make, this year.

Source: Visual.ly


The Noob Guide To Online Marketing – Infographic

Whether you market yourself or a business, this guide is a great cheat sheet to keep on top of the necessary things to do in the digital marketing world. This enormous, and very valuable, infographic organizes a number of basic tactics you could use to start marketing your self or your business online. As you scroll down, you’ll see when to use each tactic and whether or not it should direct users to a landing page. Get going!

Source: Visual.ly



The Inbound Marketing Boom – Infographic

The social web and ever-evolving technology have made inbound marketing one of the most sought-after tactics for business in 2012. Take a look and see how it might help you.

Source: Pamorama, HighTable.com

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