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Debt negotiations: The collar is tight, and getting tighter by the minute

Yesterday I went to a business event in one of the New York libraries. While at the event, I met a senior who was interested in what is going on with all these people. A short conversation developed and it turned out he was at the library because he has no air conditioning at home. It was kind of a difficult situation for a moment and I didn’t dare ask the question, why not? I was glad he took that hurdle and explained he can’t afford it. He is on a tight budget, can’t buy one and can’t afford increased costs. He took it with grace, if that can be said in such a situation. “I just have to wait a few days, until it cools down”.

Those that are responsible for their people and their wellbeing, I mean the guys in D.C., of course, have other agendas. In an incredible display of arrogance, self interest and ignorance towards the people, they are playing their game, about political power and playing out leverage. One, as the President, is supposed to be in charge Continue reading