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Cosmos Comeback – The New York Cosmos And Erik Stover Have Their Hands Full

When ever The New York Cosmos showed up on the door step of soccer they turned heads. People were watching. That was certainly true the first time around, in the 70’s and 80’s, and it is still true now. For many, the Cosmos are the birth giver for American soccer and a look at American soccer history clearly confirms that view. While there has been soccer before the Cosmos, the club created a major buzz in the 70’s when a number of super stars in Cosmos colors roamed the fields in the United States and stunned the masses. Pele, Beckenbauer, the late Giorgio Chinaglia and many others that played for the club are unforgotten heroes for New York City soccer fans and the entire soccer world.

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Today, things for the history rich soccer club are different. After disappearing in the mid 80’s, the club and brand rested in a drawer. Other new soccer clubs tried to step in and help the sport thrive in the United States. A couple of years back, an English business man bought the rights and attempted to bring the Cosmos back into professional soccer and the MLS. While the soccer part of the attempt more or less failed, it created considerable buzz and indeed brought the brand back to life. The Englishman sold the club to new ownership and since then new signs of life can be registered. This time, the signs show the necessary seriousness and means.

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On November 8th, Erik Stover was introduced as the club’s new COO. Erik Stover is a long time professional in the industries of sports and soccer and has shown his abilities before with the other New York soccer club, Red Bull New York. Listening to Stover’s words and looking at the activities around the club, there is no doubt that this time the Cosmos will re-emerge and take an important part in American soccer. This might not be a process of a year or two, but the  club now has the means to create a major U.S. soccer and business force.

The New York Cosmos are not only a soccer club. Also unforgotten are the pictures of the 70’s and 80’s super stars of all ways of life associating themselves with the Cosmos. The club stands for entertainment, multi cultural life, business, global flair and doing things the New York City and American way. Without denying the accomplishments of other sports franchises, there is just no other that can match its characteristics and opportunity better to New York City and America. A fact that was true 30 years ago, and still is.

The New York Cosmos, Stover and his staff will have their hands full in dealing with the expectations, opportunity and the responsibilities this club has. There is much more behind this  than just revitalizing a soccer club. Good luck, the soccer world is watching, again.

The awakening of an American soccer giant – Remember the Cosmos

cosmosThe New York Cosmos put U.S. soccer on the world stage in the 1970s. For those who are old enough to remember, soccer exploded in the United States when Pele, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia and many other international superstars joined the Cosmos in New York City, stunning an American audience and the American sports world.

Since then, soccer grew into a sport played by millions of kids across the country, and U.S. teams became serious contenders in international competition in all age groups and for men and women alike, but Cosmos hasn’t had a team since 1985. The New York Cosmos is now making a comeback and on its way to becoming an expansion team in the MLS. Still infused with flair, fabulousness and the promise of greatness, the club has lost none of its international name recognition or the ability to rally masses around the world, more than any other sports team in the United States. The Cosmos Continue reading

Cosmos New York U23 landing first win in Premier Development League – From Monsignor Farrell High School to Old Trafford

While The New York Cosmos take promotional efforts for the team intentionally slowly, the club’s U23 team is progressing in the Premier Development League (PDL). The team, coached by Giovanni Savarese, landed its first win yesterday against Reading. Considering that this is only the beginning of much more Cosmos soccer to come, the game had a high value of entertainment, and, quite some quality. For those that still believe The New York Cosmos are far away from playing real soccer, you better come to the next game and take a look at these boys.

A word about these exhibition games, the Cosmos U23 are carrying quite some “social soccer responsibility”, considering that they are the major representative on the field for the club and its legacy. That some players of this team, along with players picked by Pele and Eric Cantona, have the amazing opportunity to play at the “Paul Scholes Testimonial Match” at Old Trafford in August, is not only a dream of every American soccer player, but it also puts some major pressure and motivation on the young team’s shoulders. Who wouldn’t run his heart out for such an opportunity? This is one of the reasons that turn these exhibition games into a serious competition for the players and  nail biting events for the officials. While the players and coaches want to be prepared for the big game at Old Trafford, the officials have the worry of representing The New York Cosmos in an appropriate way and strengthening the Cosmos foundation.

As a soccer player and coach by passion and heart, looking at the Cosmos boys, I remember the first time when I walked into a stadium filled with 70,000 people and was asked to perform. Between the walk out from the locker room and the kick-off, there were at least 100 moments when I was considering falling over or just running away. Up until that time, I had played in front of a couple of thousand people. “Surviving” such a game will make you grow for life, not only in soccer. For those that have an interest in soccer, the Cosmos U23 represent an extraordinary opportunity to see a team and organization to start out, grow and learn for life. This is not an opportunity all MLS teams and players had in the past. In my opinion, this deserves attention and support. Keep in mind, if they do well at Old Trafford, it might open the door for a great business opportunity for all clubs (and players) of the MLS.

The New York Cosmos play their PDL home games at Staten Island’s Monsignor Farrell High School. The school’s stadium is a perfect place for the club’s first PDL season. It is easy to reach, for all New Yorkers. I came from Brooklyn (Heights) and the entire trip cost was $9.00, both ways. I took the ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island and the MTA train from there right to the High School. Since I was early, I had a drink and a snack at a nice family run Mexican place called “Mesquite Grill” that is just three minutes from the field on 105 Guyon Avenue. Jose, the owner, is  a sports nut, and, like all Mexicans, has knowledge and expertise about soccer. Not only did I have a very nice conversation with him, the food was good as well. The next time I am going to visit a Cosmos game at Farrell High, I will have a dinner at his place. Judging by the snack and the menu, I know it will be good. Go check the Facebook page under “Mesquite Grill”.

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The New York Cosmos – Why Cosmos can be the best thing that ever happened to U.S. Soccer

As a soccer fan living in New York City, I am very excited to see The New York Cosmos coming back to life. As a matter of fact, I see the Cosmos coming back as the best thing that ever happened to U.S soccer, besides of winning the World Cup. Not only does this create the first serious soccer rivalry in American soccer, Cosmos also has the ability to draw international business attention to American soccer. Not only that, but the opportunity to attract superstars and increase the sports national and international “flair” will dramatically increase. Unlike other major sports in the U.S. such as “football” and baseball, soccer is a sport that is catching Global attention and for U.S. soccer catching that kind of attention would be an incredible business opportunity. That, in the long run, can’t be met by “football” or baseball.

There is of course, as it always is, not only support for the Cosmos comeback. Click here for an example of opposition. This report describes weaknesses of Cosmos such as “they don’t have a team, don’t have players, they might face fierce opposition of the Wilpon’s and the NY Mets”. It also offers a comparison between the past and now, stating, then the Cosmos “were a flash” while today “there has to be something on the field is a must”. The report goes on with “recreating the past doesn’t feed confidence”.

First of all, it is great to understand that the Wilpon family has an interest in an MLS expansion team. That is great news. It is proof that people in the sports business have understood what I stated above: Soccer is an incredible business opportunity with a potential to blow everything ever seen out of the roof. That’s not a negative for Cosmos, that just supports the idea. Besides that, the Wilpon’s face other problems currently and it is not clear how these problems will turn out. Another important point, New York City and surroundings would easily support even three or four MLS clubs.

That the Cosmos have no players and no team is an argument without base. Where is the Wilpon’s team? Or where was the Philadelphia team 4 years ago? Once the MLS becomes comfortable with the Cosmos, and they should quickly, Cosmos will have players and a team ready to debut in the MLS. As far as “something on the field is a must” goes, I agree with that one. That Cosmos can’t be brought back as a “flash” only, is correct. I have confidence that the owners and those that are involved with the Cosmos, know that. I am pretty sure that the time until 2013, or whenever the Cosmos come back will take place, will be wisely used to provide a successful base for the club or franchise.

Cosmos’ “flash” of the past, however, must be used for the franchise and American soccer. Every team in the MLS is busy with trying to create a buzz, Cosmos already has one. It would be foolish not to use such an advantage, by both, Cosmos and the MLS. Cosmos is by far the only name in American soccer that can make money outside the United States, with gear and even with appearance overseas. The “buzz”, combined with good promotion, can fill a stadium in Germany, Italy and many other countries, I would bet on that. At this point, that can’t be said about any other soccer club or franchise in the United States. Soccer, unlike “football”  or baseball is a global attraction and sport. American soccer needs a franchise such as Cosmos. The name would clearly attach international recognition to American club soccer.

A name and “buzz” such as “The New York Cosmos” is interesting for the corporate world, within the United States as well as overseas. If you are afraid of the “flash”, don’t be, this is America, everything good in that kind of business must have one.

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