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The Green Lifestyle vs. The typical Lifestyle – Infographic

OK so as our regular readers know we use the visual news area to talk about topical or reasonably topical (come on we don’t want to make it boring) issues that relate to global finance and we do it in a fun visual way. We then like to see how these issues impact everyday people and see what trends or patterns emerge and how they might impact on the average working person in the UK/US.

We have looked at a number of different topics recently and it looks like a number of different factors are causing more and more middle income family’s to get squeezed financially. Be that the hike in University fees (That College for our many US readers) or the fact families are becoming more reliant on two incomes rather than one or a whole host of other micro reasons (please see our other visual news pieces). The fact is people are struggling more and credit it getting harder to find quickly (Both in the UK and US), hens the recent boom in pawn broking shops and payday loans online.

With wind farms popping up all over the place and electric cars starting to role onto our roads we decided to take a look into what going green can really mean for your wallet. How can we make our money go further so we are not as short at the end of the month and don’t have to really on payday loans etc. If I am honest I personally thought going green would be way way more expensive as such we very nearly did not research the topic. Well it turns out that it’s not. Surprised! I know I was.

Source: Paydayloan.co.uk