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Travel: Staycation Planning Guide – Infographic




Did you know that the average American spends $1600 on summer vacation? Travel, lodging and entertainment costs can really add up quickly, leaving summer travel feeling out of reach for many budget-conscious or last-minute travelers.

Source: Visual.ly

Travel: 10 Exotic Vacation Destinations – Infographic

Dreaming about vacation? Experience the top 10 exotic vacation destinations, whether it’s Mount Fuji, Cape Point or even Mauna Loa Volcano! Continue reading

Travel: The Art of Vacation Packing, Men vs. Women – Infographic

The Science of packing for a holiday is far more complex than you think! Especially when you compare men and women. We created the infographic below to show you the differences. Continue reading

Balance Between Work And Life: Time Off – Infographic

How would you like to work somewhere with unlimited vacation days? For most people, that answer is a resounding, “Yes!” If you’re a job seeker, the number of days a company allots its employees can make-or-break your decision to take the job if hired or cause you to look elsewhere if your company lacks sufficient time off. However, employees can’t always find time to take off work, even though we know that a break in the form of a vacation is good for our stress levels.

A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive for Ask.com shows just how important abundant vacation time is to workers, even if they’re not using it: More than a third of people surveyed said unlimited paid time off would encourage them to take or keep a job (34%). Although only 38% of workers surveyed actually take all their paid time off (PTO) days.

Some employees look at paid vacation policies like additional savings in their pocket because they can cash-in those days when they leave the company. However, unlimited PTO has its pluses and minuses. It sounds amazing, but employees say it’s hard to find time to take off. And especially in small teams, employees feel guilty leaving their coworkers with an increased workload when leaving. Employers who support unlimited PTO say it makes their employees feel like adults and requires workers who are the self-managing types.

But whether you support unlimited vacations or not, actually taking time off from work has been shown to decrease stress and increase your happiness, at least temporarily.

Check out this infographic about work-life balance and tell us: How many PTO days will you have taken by the end of this year?

Source: Mashable.com


Vacationing The Social Media Way – Infographic

Vacationing The Social Media Way [infographic by MDG Advertising]

Infographic by MDG Advertising

Social media’s increasing influence on our daily lives has rapidly extended into the ways we get away. From planning a vacation with social media to posting reviews of our trips upon our return, there’s no denying social media’s impact on travel today. To demonstrate how more and more people are using social media and mobile technology throughout their vacations, MDG Advertising developed the following informative infographic.

The infographic opens by showing how 52 percent of travelers use social media to find vacation inspiration, with 29 percent of respondents flocking to Facebook for travel planning ideas, followed by 14 percent getting inspired by TripAdvisor’s vacation- planning insight. People are also making mobile technology into virtual travel agents as approximately one-quarter of respondents used their smartphones and mobile devices for comparing airfare prices, as well as checking flight schedules, finding phone numbers for travel resources, and researching airport information. Once the trip has been booked, more than half of travelers jump on Facebook to announce their upcoming vacation status and “like” pages related to their getaways.

Next, the infographic explains how an abundance of Americans take social media along on their vacations. In fact, research shows that 74 percent of social media users check their social sites and 72 percent of adults are likely to use their mobile devices during their trips. Travelers have multiple uses for their mobile devices throughout their getaways, with a full 68 percent using them to stay in contact and almost half of vacationers using them to take pictures and schedule wake-up times. They also use their mobile devices to make reservations, get directions, check online reviews, and translate languages.

Once the vacation is over, many travelers return to social media to report on their experiences. The infographic indicates that 46 social media users post hotel reviews and 40 percent write restaurant and activity reviews on social sites. Forget scrapbooks and slideshows, today’s tech-savvy travelers share their memories online, with 76 percent of social media users posting their photos on social networks.

It’s easy to see how digital technology has transformed the way we travel, from planning a trip with social media to taking mobile along for the stay and then using social to share vacation memories.

Source: MDG Advertising


Top Landmarks In The World’s Most Social Cities – Infographic

Planning to check in at New York’s American Museum of Natural History or Rome’s Trevi Fountain this summer? You’re not alone.

Facebook has pored over its check-in data and isolated the “most-social” spots in 25 cities. Among the patterns that Facebook has uncovered:

Malls and outdoor markets like Melbourne’s Queen Victoria market, Sao Paolo’s Mercado Municipal and Seoul’s Dongdaeum appear within the top 10 landmarks for 19 of 25 cities.
Amusement parks like Moscow’s Gorky Park, Seoul’s Lotte World appear, Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City and Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens also score high.
Chain restaurants like the Hard Rock Cafes in Buenos Aires, Delhi and Barcelona, TGI Fridays in Norway, and Bella Paulista Casa de Paes in Sao Paulo also appeared on the list.
Not surprisingly, cities with warmer climates had more check-ins to outdoor spots, while indoor spots scored higher for colder cities.

The list of the top landmarks in all the cities can be found here.

Meanwhile, the infographic highlights the most-social landmarks in eight top cities.

Source: Mashable.com, Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, pmorgan67


Make Room In Your House, Airbnb 10 Million Guest Nights Booked – Infographic

Think it would be weird to stay in a stranger’s home instead of a hotel while on vacation? Judging by the rapid growth of Airbnb, millions of people are already cozying up to the concept.

The San Francisco-based startup, which allows you to make rooms in your home available as though it were a hotel, announced on Tuesday that it reached 10 million guest nights booked within the last 12 months. This is a huge accomplishment, as the company said it had reached five million nights booked less than six months ago.

In the U.S., about 4.4 million nights have been booked, which is a 300% jump from this time last year. Although demand for Airbnb accommodations in the U.S. has increased 240% in the last year, it also has 95,000 listings in Europe alone and 20,000 properties across Central and South America.

According to Airbnb, those from the U.S. are the most active users on the site. Of the 35,000 people that are staying in an Airbnb spot right now, about 15,000 traveled from the U.S., followed by 3,000 from the U.K. and 2,500 from both Germany and Australia…Read More

Source: Mashable.com, Airbnb

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