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Vine And Instagram: Shoot Videos Like A Pro

shoot-vine-and-instagram-videos-like-a-pro_5254ef690f4d0Few Tips to Shoot Vine and Instagram Videos Like a Pro and find some inspiration, grab A Tripod, Frame Your Shot, Consider Your Lighting…

Source: HappyMarketer

Visualizing Vine Video Sharing – Infographic

visualizing-vine-video-sharing_51f668ba97683With over 14 million users across iOS and Android, Twitter’s six second, stop-motion video sharing app Vine is here to stay. Despite Vine’s recent, short-term skid following the release of Instagram Video, the platform has serious traction and meaningful differentiation); has been embraced by both brand marketers and agencies; and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

To celebrate Vine’s first, approximate half-birthday (Twitter originally launched Vine in the iOS app store this past January following its Fall 2012 acquisition), the BuzzFork data visualization team put together a quick stat-rich info-graphic to visualize some of the key stats and milestones achieved by the video app so far.

Source: BuzzFork

Visual Platforms for Mobile – Infographic

visual-addition--the-battle-of-visual-platforms-for-mobile_51dc8fc822972There are so many brands that struggle to create unique and engaging content. Many Marketing Directors claim they have no resources, while knowing it is important to create content.

Well, all it takes is a smartphone. Many social channels can be fed with awesome content from a smartphone in minutes.

This infographic shows you two of the most popular mobile channels and the opportunity behind them.


Source: Digital Aptitude

Mobile Video: Vine Or Instagram, Who Has It? – Infographic

With Instagram’s video capability going online this summer, the fight for mobile video domination found a new player. With YouTube being the dominant player, there are now Twitter’s Vine and Instagram trying to get ahead in the lucrative and fast growing video market. Continue reading


Vine vs. Instagram: The Video Battle – Infographic

vine-vs-instagram-the-video-battle-begins_51ccc5fb0b49aNow let’s compare, because we all know, with the 15 apps you are participating with daily, there is no way there is room for TWO video apps on your phone.


Twice as Many Top 100 Brands Use Instagram Video as Vine http://t.co/eJh6cfmeWi — Mashable – Startups (@mashstartups) June 28, 2013


Quick And Painless: Vine vs. Instagram

Check out the differences between Vine and Instagram like Videos Length, filters, Image Stabilization, Cover Frame…

vine-vs-instagram_51cbf363cde1eSource: HappyMarketer



Facebook Matchmaker: Will Instagram Go With Video?

Syncapse CEO Michael Scissons discusses Facebook’s content push with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

First class statement about video advertising market and what might be coming.


Celebrate Your Business with #Instagram, #Vine, and #Pinterest by @deborahsweeney – http://t.co/5GBgKx7epr — Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) June 19, 2013

Introducing Vine – Infographic

Vine is a new mobile app that lets you create and share short looping videos. Think Instagram but with video. Learn how your brand could use Vine, get some tips and tricks and get vining! Continue reading