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How The World Buys Online – Infographic




The proportion of online retail purchases to purchases from brick-and-mortar stores is increasing every day. Mobile purchases now constitute a significant percentage of online transactions. We’ve put together this infographic to highlight current trends in online shopping. What are you doing in your business to take advantage?

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The World Of Start-Ups – Infographic

A look at some of the best countries around the world where it is the easiest to start a new business. Continue reading

The Always Connected World: The Power Of Mobile – Infographic

We live in an increasingly connected, always-on world. And there’s no looking back. Mobile devices have changed the way we go about our fast-paced lives, namely our shopping. After surveying 500 consumers, we learned how drastically mobile has affected consumer shopping patterns, as well as interaction with brands through social media and email promotions.  Continue reading


A world map of gun death rates per city compared against the strictness rating of gun laws by country.

Facebook World: A World Without Borders – Infographic

We’ve been caught by the Facebook bug too and it prompted us to take an aerial view of the phenomenon. With the massive increase in its user base (above 640 million users on last count), there seems little that can come between the leading social network and world domination. Hope you like it. Continue reading

Top Landmarks In The World’s Most Social Cities – Infographic

Planning to check in at New York’s American Museum of Natural History or Rome’s Trevi Fountain this summer? You’re not alone.

Facebook has pored over its check-in data and isolated the “most-social” spots in 25 cities. Among the patterns that Facebook has uncovered:

Malls and outdoor markets like Melbourne’s Queen Victoria market, Sao Paolo’s Mercado Municipal and Seoul’s Dongdaeum appear within the top 10 landmarks for 19 of 25 cities.
Amusement parks like Moscow’s Gorky Park, Seoul’s Lotte World appear, Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City and Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens also score high.
Chain restaurants like the Hard Rock Cafes in Buenos Aires, Delhi and Barcelona, TGI Fridays in Norway, and Bella Paulista Casa de Paes in Sao Paulo also appeared on the list.
Not surprisingly, cities with warmer climates had more check-ins to outdoor spots, while indoor spots scored higher for colder cities.

The list of the top landmarks in all the cities can be found here.

Meanwhile, the infographic highlights the most-social landmarks in eight top cities.

Source: Mashable.com, Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, pmorgan67


Imagine The World Without The Internet – Infographic

Steve Carrell may be seeking a friend for the end of the world, but here at Mashable, we’re more concerned with the end of the Internet.

Can you imagine it? Instead of an iPad, you’d be clutching a weighty $1,200 Encyclopedia Brittanica as you rock yourself to sleep. And instead of tweeting with pals halfway around the world, we’d be licking stamps that would total $6.3 trillion in the United States alone. We’re cringing at the thought.

Online Education created this graphic detailing the nightmare that would be the world without Internet. Sure, we’re grateful to the World Wide Web for giving us all the joy of narcoleptic cats and the controversy of @Sweden. But evidently, what we really have to be thankful for is how many jobs the Internet has created. Facebook alone has created 450,000 jobs, and the Internet establishes 2.6 jobs for every job it renders obsolete. And we all know that cat videos are that much more enjoyable to watch when you’re supposed to be working.

Source: Mashable.com, Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphoto, JamesBrey, Online Education


The 20 Most Expensive Houses In The World – Infographic

This infographic seemed entertaining upon first glance. Although it sucks to look at things we may never have, it’s fun to imagine for awhile. I aspire to own a home sometime in the near future, it’s a great accomplishment to own property and be able to call it yours. But let’s be honest, I just don’t see myself accruing several hundred million dollars to spend on just a house. I know I will be happy with a decent sized home so long as it accommodates my lifestyle.

Many of these houses do not have current owners listed on the infographic, so it’s time to whip out the big bucks and make a bid. Or maybe there are owners, but they wish to keep their overly lavish identity a secret. It’s probably best to keep your identity anonymous when you own one of these houses; I can’t help but feel upset that somebody could have that much more money than me. Are these people really that much better at what they do than me? In the end, the lesson is to be happy with what you have. By the time you read this, I will be in the middle of nowhere (Planet Bonnaroo) with just a tent, but there’s no doubt I’ll be having the time of my life.

Which house is your favorite? Let us know! [Via]

Source: Daily Infographic


Pinterest – A Virtual Pinboard With Users Around The World – Infographic

As of Q1 of 2012, Pinterest had generated 11.7 million unique visitors. This Infographic explains Pinterest and who is using it around the world…Read More

Source: Infographic Labs, Hubspot Blog

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