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Video Marketing: Video vs. Text – Infographic

Video is becoming more popular with a general audience worldwide. When there’s money to be made, everyone tries to take a slice of the “video marketing” flavoured pie. Some even try to bake their own. Here’s why… Continue reading

Growth Of Mobile Usage Worldwide – Infographic

This details the explosive growth of worldwide mobile usage in the last 20 years.

Source: Visual.ly

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Worldwide Coffee Consumption, Pour It In – Infographic

Pouring in Your Cup: Fast Facts About Coffee Consumption is a good infographic from Hamilton Beach.

This is a good example of a company publishing an informative, marketing infographic about a topic related to their products (coffee makers), without feeling like a sales pitch or ad for their products. However, I don’t think there is a clear story told by the infographic. It’s generally a bunch of coffee and caffeine statistics put together in an infographic without a clear message.

I like the design and the simple color palette. Most of the visualizations are clear and easy to understand except the bunch of coffee cups lined up in the middle. I think each cup is supposed to represent the 20 cups/week the average office worker drinks, and all of the cups together is supposed to represent a year of coffee consumption. When you line up images like this, the rows really should have only 10 images each for the reader to easily understand the quantity. So, there should be 52 cups to represent the whole year, but there are only 48 cups shown…Read More